Monday, 21 July 2014

Jade Diamond Top Coat 18 Quilates

Hands down, todays' polish is not a novum on the nail polish market and during last autumn and winter season we have seen just about every nail polish brand releasing a gold foil effect Top Coat. Some come with real gold snippets, other go for synthetic ones. And truth being told, I have tried my fair share of them but until today I haven't come across one so perfectly composed gold leaves effect Top Coat like Jade Diamond Top Coat 18 Quilates!

Like yesterday, I start out with showing this beauty over black:

I applied one coat of Jade Diamond Top Coat 18 Quilates over one coat of Cult Nails Nevermore. The formula again was perfection. As to be expected with such Effect Top Coats the consistency is slightly thicker due to the amount of golden leaves floating in the clear base. I found that giving the bottle a firm shake before painting helps in getting the perfect amount of snippets on the brush. They spread wonderful on the nails leaving the surface smooth and shiny. I cannot say a thing about the dry time as I  swatched Jade Diamond 18 Quilates when we had about 34 Degrees Celsius and at those temperatures polishes behave not at their best.

Mattified with Mentality Polish Matte Top Coat

Now let's have a look at how Jade Diamond Top Coat 18 Quilates looks over a couple of other colors. From left: Cult Nails It's A New Day, Opi Bubble Bath, Elevation Polish Volcanic Dust, Dior Amazonia

Once more my selection was not entirely successful - as opposed to the bottle shop Cult Nails It's A New Day and Opi Bubble Bath look very similar on the nail. Also against my skin tone Cult Nails It's A New Day looks extremely pale compared to the swatches of other Bloggers I saw - oh well…. As for the other base colors: I love 18 Quilates a lot over Opi Bubble Bath - it has a nearly bridal feel. Over the warmer tones like Elevation Polish Volcanic Dust or Dior Amazonia reminds me of some embroidered velvets…

The contestants lined up from left: Dior Amazonia, Elevation Polish Volcanic Dust, Opi Bubble Bath, Cult Nails It's A New Day. 

Final thoughts: I love the versatility of Jade Diamond 18 Quilates, not to mention the easiness of application, a great gadget to give your mani a twist!!!

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for stopping by!!!
Christine <3


  1. This one looks amazing over the black. I really like it! And it does look really good matte too! :-)

    1. Thank you sweetie!! I agree - over black it is just one of a kind gorgeous!!! Another combination I really like and did not show is over a blue a la Baker Street. If you care for matte though it is the lovliest over black I find <3

  2. I absolutely love the matte version!

    1. Thank you so much - I see even a soft colorshift if worn matte - a new dimension!!! :-D

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  4. Looks so great matte over black!