Sunday, 20 July 2014

Jade Diamond Top Coat Liquid Diamond

Today I start the last part of my Jadeathon showing you the gems from Jade that my wonderful dearest friend Priscilla sent me from Brazil. The last chapter of this trilogy will introduce three stunning effect Top Coats and frankly the best I ever tried.

Jade Diamond Top Coat Liquid Diamond is a clear base filled with shiny whitish silver shimmer. First I show you Liquid Diamond over black (I used A England Camelot).

sorry for that cat hair - Nell leaves his traces everywhere - LOL

I applied two coats of Jade Diamond Top Coat Liquid Diamond over one coat of A England Camelot. The formula, the application, the consistency are simply superb. Liquid Diamond has exactly the right consistency to easily be spread over the nails and the shimmer is so dense though small enough that you end up with an even sprinkling all over the nail. For everyday wear I would though rather go with one coat but to show off all that shimmer in the pictures at its best, I went for two for this post. Dry time was normal. The surface of the nail is smooth to the touch and shiny. Due to the character of most Jades, I anyhow applied one layer of KBShimmer Clearly on Top

I layered then one coat of Jade Diamond Liquid Diamond over a couple of other colors:

From left: Cult Nails Tempest, Cult Nails Falling Hard, Picture Polish Swagger, Picture Polish Wisteria

No to be honest, Cult Nails Tempest is a bit of a fail for this post, the white is so starch and blinding that the shimmer is totally lost over it in my pictures. However, IRL the shimmer was delicately visible.

All the contestants of the above picture lined up reversed - from left: Picture Polish Wisteria, Picture Polish Swagger, Cult Nails Falling Hard, Cult Nails Tempest

Final thoughts: I really like Jade Diamond Liquid Diamond over the alternating colors - now coming to think of it a green is missing in that bunch…. Well, another mani for another day then - LOL!!!

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for stopping by!!!
Christine <3


  1. Oh I love the effect his gives - a great way to jazz up a day old mani quickly

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment - and I could not agree more - the easiest way to make a mani taking another day or two :-)

  2. Hi pet! I like it best over black and blue - of course ;) HOW could you forget the green?!?!? ;) Lol! Thanks for a wonderful Jade week hon! Hope you're having a great crime night! I'm knackered from my work weekend… 19 hours alone in the shop… But now - 4 weeks vacation!! It'll take 3,5 weeks to wind down though ;) Viele Küsschen!!! xxx

    1. Hi doll - how are things in the afternoon of your first vacation day? Thank you hon - I admit, Inlike it over blue best and then lilac. Over black it is a classic though - options over options!!! Hahaha - have a lovely evening and viele Küsschen xxx

  3. Haha I have the same problem with cat hair sometimes!!! It adds something extra to the photos ;-) Hehe hugs to Nell from me :-)

    Wow this looks really nice on Camelot :-D The black really does show it off well. It's nice on the blue and purple too :-)

    1. Thank you sweetie and Nell sends you his purrs!!! He feels so smug about leaving his traces EVERYWHERE!!! That blue is a true winner and I thought some more about that white - maybe an off-white jelly would have been in place - oh well, it is what it is.....