Sunday, 12 January 2014

Teal Please!!! Butter London Stag Do

OK, let's get this right out of the way: officially Butter London Stag Do is described as dark slate blue with green undertones. Now what exactly is the difference to a dark teal that leans to blue? I am at a loss here and reminded of my friend Melissa who has a similar thing going on with certain coral polishes. So in my books this is filed under teal. And some Wikipedia: the color teal is sourced in the color of the Common Teal - a duck!!!! I found the below photo on Google and the owner of the photo is mentioned at the bottom: Skuanature

But back to why we meet here in the first place: NAILPOLISH. And as it is Sunday, it is time to show an older untried from my stash. Butter London Stag Do is a (in my humble opinion) dark blue leaning teal filled with green shimmer. Stag Do was released in Fall/Winter 2012 and if I am not totally mistaken it was a standalone and not part of a particular collection. And for those who wonder: Stag Do is a British Bachelor Party.

 The above three pictures are taken in day and artificial light. Ja, ja I hear you, in the first picture Stag Do REALLY looks more blue. The picture in the middle shows exactly what it looks IRL and the third is intended to show the shimmer in the bottle. The below photo is taken outdoors in the shade.

in artificial light:

I applied two coats of Butter London Stag Do over Essence Hardening Nail Base. Formula: This is Butter London perfection - the End.

Final thoughts: The green very prominent shimmer in the bottle is stepping back rather far, once on the nail - still it is visible under certain lighting and probably it is exactly the "back vocals" of this shimmer that makes Stag Do listed under my teals rather than slate blues. Sigh - you find me still confused over those in-between colors! But no matter if slate blue or blue leaning dark teal -  what a classy yet edgy little number - I am swooning………..

I ordered Butter London Stag Do with Pshiiit Boutique. For those who might not be aware: Pshiiit is "en vacance" and will reopen the shop on 5 February.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for dropping by!!!


  1. What a cute duck! (love the polish, too) :-)

  2. Salut Christine! You show us another gem here, and don't worry I'm as confused with teal and turquoise. I would naturally call turquoise certain shades that most people would call teal. Teal does not have a translation in Spanish (at least where I come from) and I think that is why I see either blue or turquoise :S
    Whatever, it's a gorgeous shade and suits your skin perfectly!
    bisous ma biche xxx

  3. It's a gorgeous color but I wish the shimmer showed up *just* a smidge more prominent on the nail... there's subtle and then there's deceptively nonexistent, lol. It's something more on the lines of what I'd expect out of RBL, truth be told.
    So my take on turquoise vs. teal is that the former is a light, almost aqua shade and the latter is a dark green-blue and when it ventures into light territory, it's got a healthier dose of green than turquoise-- but is also not as light. I hope that makes sense, lol. Interesting that it's all about a duck! Nice post, sis ♥♥

  4. We have teal where I live (about 3 miles away from a duck reserve)...and that's today's geography lesson, LOLOL! :P But this polish is a lovely color, and I can see what you're saying about the "back vocals" putting on your teal list. It's strange though how the shimmer kind of disappears? Oh well, it's sorta teal and sorta blue...they're both nice. :D