Monday, 13 January 2014

Cadillacquer Morning Comes

I developed quite a crush on Cadillacquer over the last year. Truth being told, Madeleine doesn't have a lot of my go to shades like bold, clear colors vampy shades. But her creativity to mix up those in-between shades that morph to different shades depending on the light or what color you hold next to them hold me captive. And for those of you who haven't yet dipped their nails into any Cadillacquer now might be the time since Madeleine holds a Sale on her Bigcartel site, offering quite a range of her shades at tempting prices.

Of course I went there for a extensive splurge as I was having still quite a list of her polishes on my list of lemmings. Morning Comes sat rather on top of that list - it is a sheer periwinkle jelly filled with silver and light blue small glitter. Morning Comes is one of those shade shifters I mentioned above, depending on what you hold next to it, it leans more blue, lilac or grey. Its translucid character also makes it a great out of the box neutral and appropriate for not nude-nails restricted work environment.

the above pictures are taken indoors in day and artificial light, the below photos outside in the shade

I applied three thin coats of Cadillacquer Morning Comes over Essence Hardening Nail Base. The first coat went on very VERY sheer - leaving a nearly not there hue of periwinkle on the nail but already the second coat shows near opacity and the third coat intensifies the base coat to the beautiful periwinkle as shown in the pictures above. The glitter spreads nice and even, I didn't had to dab any empty spots or go fishing (I did though turn the bottle upside down about 20 minutes before painting my nails). The consistency is fabulous allowing a controlled and even application. Dry time is excellent and the surface of the nail is only slightly uneven due to the glitter. I applied one layer of Glisten & Glow HK Girl and ended with a smooth and high shine finish.

Final thoughts: Cadillacquer Morning Comes is such a calm yet vivid pretty shade and its delicacy and softness covers the fact that I sloppily clipped off my nails at weird angles (slap self for sloppiness). I know, it would be more appropriate to file down my nails instead of clipping but filing them down takes FOR-EVER and I have no patience for that.

And another final word: take a chance to check-out Cadillacquer's Bigcartel site here and the tempting polishes offered in the Sales section!

Are you also taking the opportunity to cross off some shades from your lemming list during Sales?

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Oh, I love these kinds of shades! Very pretty indeed!

  2. This one is pretty! The first Cadillacquer I had to have was Tonight's the Night from the Dexter collection. There are several from Breaking Bad collection I want as well, got my hands on Car Wash so far...

    1. Thank you so much - Tonight's the Night is BEAUTIFUL!!!! And Car Wash of course.... it reminds me always of that old funky song ;-)!!!

  3. Salut Christine! What a lovely shade, it looks so squishy, delicate and Spring-like, just adorable! I'm missing Spring so much...
    bisous ma biche!

  4. Oh gosh, I love everything about this. I have a periwinkle from China Glaze that I bet would work great as a base!