Sunday, 3 August 2014

My mani for the Swiss National Holiday on 1 August

Two posts in a day - oh boy, I am on a roll, eh? So welcome back lovies - I want to show you the mani I wore for the Swiss National Holiday. Ever since I morphed into a  nailpolish addict, I enjoy Holidays so much more because of the manis I can come up with. I usually start pondering about them days ahead enjoying tossing ideas round my head. In my earlier post I showed you my failed stamping decal and since I am not one to easily give up, I went for it again:

My Skittelette:
Pinkie and thumb: two coats of Picture Polish Columbia
Ring: two coats of Colors by Llarowe Coconut stamped with Essie Don't Sweater It, using MoYou Pro Plate Collection 04
Middle: two coats of Opi Over And Over A Gwen
Index: two coats of Colors by Llarowe Coconut stamping decal using MoYou Pro Plate XL Collection 06 filled with Opi Over And Over A Gwen

I did not fill the petals but only accentuated them as I wanted to keep the sheer off-white base visible.

This mani was a perfect start for a perfect 1 August - everything was just right, it was warm, sunny and I went for a superb BBQ with friends in the evening to watch all the fireworks round us. The only one not being very happy about the Holiday was my poor Nell - they do fire crackers like mad in my area and the poor thingy was beside himself hiding under the bed for two days.


  1. Red and white, perfect for "erst Ougste" :-)

    1. haha - merci vielmol, now I only need to master that cross :-S - I screw up year after year ;-)

    2. There's a reason why I used studs this year... ;-)

  2. You are spoiling us with two posts!!! :-D

    This looks really lovely! I do like the stamping as well :-)

    That's a shame about Nell :-( My cats are okay with fireworks! They don't mind them. It's more the really bad wind that does freak a few of them out sometimes!

    1. Glad you enjoyed my double posting - thank you sweetie xxx! I like the stamping too I have to admit, My Nailpolish Online even did some roses over the text stamping - THAT looked awesome, I tell you :-)!

      Awww poor kitties - well Nell is not appreciative of strong winds either, I think it messes too much with his fur. The fireworks itself would not be such a bother in the first place - it is those bangs that are so in trend here that come only with noise, not with any light, sparkle, stars or what have you - those give him the creeps and frankly with a couple of them I myself felt short of a heart attack. Well we are done till New Years Eve with that...

  3. Such a lovely skittelette! I love that the stamping decal is sheer here and there, it looks so delicate that way!

  4. What a beautiful skittelette, Christine! I love the way the stamping nails (index and ring) turned out... the designs and colors are lovely. :) Aww poor Nell. I dread "loud" holidays because they freak out my chinchilla too. Poor pets... probably think a predator is coming for them. ^^

    ~ Yun