Thursday, 14 March 2013

My Indie Brands of the moment: Enchanted Polish Tenderheart

Enchanted Polish belongs to my top favorite Indie Brands ever and holds a firm place in my Olymp of nailpolish. Regular readers of my Blog might have already seen my most recent reviews of the Enchanted Polish All That Glitters Collection . My dear Blogger friend Jezz from Little Miss Nailpolish who always takes the time to read and comment on my posts (thank you love <3) has suggested to show Enchanted Polish Tenderheart over a dark base. Well, this post is dedicated to you Jezz:

The above two pictures are taken outdoors in the shade

The above picture is taken indoors in daylight, the below photo indoors in artificial light

I applied one coat of Tenderheart over Ozotic Mr. Big Black. The consistency of Tenderheart is thick and gloppy but ladden with glitter and wearing just one coat gives enough glitter for my taste to carry it off. This time round the hearts were unwilling to leave their cosy bottle so I had to fish around some to at least catch one of them - no way I could post about Tenderheart without ANY heart glitter, right?

If you are interested in seeing my original post you may click here .

I ordered Enchanted Polish Tenderheart with Harlow & Co

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Hi pet!! Oh! You are sooo sweet mein shatz!! :*
    I really like it over black!! It brought out all the colours of it!! Gorgeous!!
    Thank you for taking the time and swatching it for me! <3
    Btw, I received you nail mail today!!! :D Thank you so much!! You are spoiling me rotten!!! I'll e-mail you later!! I'm doing a swiss haul post later today!! :D Danke schön liebling!!!!! xxx

    1. Hi lovey, YAY, I am so happy that you love it!!! And you convinced me, I like it best over black now :-)!!! Well you spoiled me rotten first, I am ever so happy to have sent you stuff you like - and thank you so much for the post, I am soooo flattered!!! Looking forward to repeat swaps with you meine Süsse, und sehr gern geschehen - anytime again - Küsschen

    2. I'd love to do a swap again soon! Maybe next month or so? ;) Or is that too soon?
      Are you interested in Swedish brands perhaps? Depend? GinaTricot? Isadora? H&M?
      Are you impressed by my German yet? LOL! ;) I studied German more than 20 years ago... ;) OMG! I'm old!!! ;) lol!
      Take care! How do you say that in German...? Grüss godt or something....? Maybe ;)

  2. Hearts seem to be the hardest to get out, but so worth it once they're on the nail :) This is so pretty and whimsical, I love it :) You have the best taste in glitters, sis.

    1. Hi Liesl, indeed the hearts are stubborn - but so am I ;-)!!! Thank you sis, I am so happy that you enjoy my glitters :-) Hope life is treating you well, xxx

  3. Nice combination! The glitter looks fantastic over a dark base! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you Yun, sometimes the simplest is the best, I am glad Jezz suggested this combination :-) - Christine