Thursday, 29 November 2012

China Glaze Exotic Encounter

China Glaze Exotic Encounter is one of the few polishes I picked from the China Glaze Safar Collection. Mind you, I liked most of them but quite a few were pretty standard and I have plenty of similar colors already.

The formula is on the thin side but I had no issues with the application. I applied two coats of China Glaze Exotic Encounter over Essence XXL Nail Thickener on pinkie and ring finger and China Glaze Ridge Filler on middle and index finger. I again wanted to compare application differences between these two Base Coats. I found the application over China Glaze Ridge Filler easier. China Glaze Ridge Filler helped with the thin formula to prevent flodding the nails. However the difference is small and both Base Coats provide an excellent foundation. Dry time was not influenced either.

Have you picked any polishes any of the China Glaze Safari & Tourist Collections?

I usually order China Glaze polishes either with Head2Toe or Transdesign.

I look forward to reading your comments!!!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Hi Christine!
    This posh is a novelty for me, I haven't picked any of the shades of China Glaze Safari Collection. Same thing you said, no one was appealing to me. This one is a very pretty shade, is it a dusty teal? so it seems on the picture.
    I've recently got some "old" China Glaze and 5 shades from the Cirque du Soleil. Can't wait to unpack them!

    1. Hi Nati, now I wonder where my reply went to - it is "disparu" aaaargh!!! And yes it is a dusty teal or dark turqoise or blueish green, I find the color very hard to name :-P. By now I have seen two posts of your Cirque de Soleil purchases and just LOVED them xxx

  2. I haven't gotten any from this collection yet - but you are making me want this!

    1. Oh this is a very Essie-esque color - you made me want this in the first place based on a Julep post ;-)