Thursday, 13 December 2012

Subtle Holiday manis: Kiko No 399

I am a total holo-addict, if I could I would hoard them all. So of course I could not miss the opportunity to show a subtle and soft colored holo, appropriate for this weeks' theme.

Kiko No 399 is another polish that amazing Antonella brought back from Italy. While the holo is really subtle and by no way to be compared with the Luduranas, Jades, Glitter Gals, Ozotics and of course the Fnugs of this world it is adorably pretty and soft.

To put this out of the way right before the photos: my skin looks terrifying on each and everyone of those photos but in order to show the polish appropriately I sacrificed my skin tone ;-)

The big advantage with Kiko No 399 is the easy application. While some holos refuse to go on to the nail without Aqua Base Coat and can be a challenge to apply, this one just behaves like any cream polish. I applied two coats of Kiko No 399 over Essence XXL Nail Thickener. Still this holo polish does not forgive ridges (as you can see on my pinkie) or other flaws (middle).  I did not apply any top coat as I was afraid it would diminish the already subtle holo effect and since it only would have to last for an evening....

I am not to be trusted with final thoughts here - I am in for a holo polish anytime, no matter how subtle or visible the effect - what about you?

Looking forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!