Sunday, 9 December 2012

My NOTDs of the week

I already feel the pull towards my Holiday Break and am definitely in the mood for eye catching nailpolish!!! None of the polishes I used this week need any kind of introduction, the world of nailpolish bloggers have already said all about them - let us just enjoy them then

What better way to get through the start of the week than with A England Perceval? Everything positive ever said about this polish is true to the dot. Not to mention the amount of attention it grabbed while on my nails

These are two silky Coats of A England Perceval, of course sandwiched between A England the Knight Base Coat and A England the Shield Top Coat. Two days of tireless typing and paper shuffling left this polish unfazed, no staining upon removal - what else is there to ask of a red polish??

I got myself the whole lot of Cult Nails Behind Closed Doors Collection. When I wore Bitten the other week, lovely Essie Rae from i Heart Pretty Polish commented that she cannot wait to put that one on her nails and that she currently wears Coveted. I am sure you see where this is leading too - here we go:

How spectacular!!! The glitter particles swam in this soft jelly sauce of the most beautiful bottle green I could imagine.

I applied three thin Coats of Cult Nails Coveted using Essence XXL Nail Thickener as Base Coat and finishing off with Essie Good to Go. Now blame it to my state of comatose tiredness or to my bad choice of Base Coat, I totally messed-up the application. Clean-up (and a minimal at that one) took me longer than application itself. I will definitely use it again when more capable of painting my nails but with a different Base Coat!!! 

My boyfriend and I were invited to our first Holiday Dinner this year - I was in agony what to slap on to my nails :-S. Since I had a blue themed week on my Blog, I wanted to avoid (how exceptional of me) blue as a NOTD. I did not quite succeed - please meet Picture Polish Ruby Blue, worn over A England Camelot. 

This is ONE Coat of Picture Polish Ruby Blue - amazeballs, don't you think so??? I used A England the Knight Base Coat, two Coats of A England Camelot and finished the mani with Butter London Hardwear. Please note: this Glitter is no Top Coat eater. Even without Top Coat you felt the glitter only minimally and bumps or sticking up particles would only be detectable under a magnifier!!!

During the day I wore the above version for the evening I applied simply a second coat of Picture Polish Ruby Blou:

Now my lovelies, what did you wear on your nails this week? Are you also already in sparkly and shiny polish mood like me???

I order all my A England polishes with their own website. Same for Cult Nails. Picture Polish Ruby Blou can get ordered with Llarowe, Harlow & Co and Pshiiit Boutique.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Love Perceval on ya !! I never picked it up coz I know it won't look good on me :(

    1. Thank you Vicky xxx!!! There will always be those out there - bummer. For me it is ANY yellow

  2. I really love that Picture Polish! Gorgeous on you!

  3. hi Christine! hope you had a lovely weekend!
    Perceval is just OMG! I can see why it grabbed the attention, it's just wonderful. The green cult polish is perfect fo the season to my opinion. and so is the picture polish!
    These are all stunning! One question, do you own any *normal* polish? lol
    This week I've worn many colours, but no one really very "seasonal"

    1. Hi Nati, thank you for your sweet comment <3!! My weekend was very nice and lazy. And LOL - yes I own "normal" polish, I have a considerable stash of red Essies and loads of cream polishes by Opi, my favorite though is China Glaze - I agree it's time to wear them more often again, I just used them as base for all my glitters - poor them ;-)

  4. OMG, I LOVE that a England! I have yet to try one of those....perhaps I will put this one on my wish list. I have very few reds. I still need to try Bitten! :) Thanks for the mention.

    1. :-))) WOW I could inspire you for a polish - am beaming!!!! I totally love your Blog and you have fueled my imagination and creativity so often, I cannot put enough links to your Blog into my posts :-))