Sunday, 9 December 2012

Let's go Blue: Contrary Polish Bright Night

To end this blue themed week, I have a polish from a highly creative Indie Brand: this being Contrary Polish Bright Night. I never thought to describe a dark blue as juicy but this was my first thought upon the first brush stroke ;-). Unfortunately the sparkle does not translate in the photo. I only posted one since none of them has shown any better result and trust me, I tried my fair share with different lightning sources and poses - bummer... IRL it is much more visible.

The formula is very thin and therefore careful application is core to achieve an even distribution of the polish and to prevent flooding the nail. But rest assured, considering this the application is very easy and will cause no issues. I applied three thin coats to get Contrary Polish Bright Night opaque. I used  China Glaze Ridge Filler.

Again I found some pretty close other dark blue polishes with sparkles. Those being RBL Under the Stars and Illamasqua Phalic:

Pinkie and middle: Contrary Polish Bright Night (three coats)
Ring: RBL Under the Stars (two coats)
Index: Illamasqua Phalic (two coats)

Only this strongly overexposed photo shows any difference at all. Formula wise RBL Under the Stars was the best, followed closely by Illamasqua. Color wise again the RBL Under the Stars is a smidgen darker than Illamasqua Phallic or Contrary Polish Bright Nights. However it is also more opaque and unless in direct sunlight hardly any glitter can be detected. Effect-wise Contrary Polish Bright Nights is the clear winner (even if not evident in those pictures). By the time I type this Illamasqua Phalic has already found a new home - and most importantly will there be the only dark blue with shimmer :-)

I ordered Contrary Polish Bright Night with Llarowe .

This was my last post of my blue themed week. I hope you enjoyed the polishes I've shown. Now tell me, do you like themed weeks? To be perfectly honest - I have sketched already another one for the following week ;-).

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Yes, I think the themed weeks is great. I LOVE blue polish. Annoying that you couldn't get a good shot of what it looks like in real life. That is so annoying when that happens. It's like you want to put your hand through the screen and say "see, here...look!"

  2. Thank you for your supportive comment, it means so much to me!!! LOL you put it so well, I was at the stage of gritting my teeth :-))))