Sunday, 23 December 2012

My NOTDs of the week

Oh I cannot tell you how much I have been longing for this week!!! Last week of work in 2012!!! And the week of our annual End of the Year Party from work. And the unexpected joy of a huge office move.

Last weekend was super busy and left me with no time for a careful  mani. I had to take a dose of my own advice and head for one of my busy body manis: Nubar Forest. It just appeared last week, but for the sake of accuracy (after all this WAS one of my NOTDs this week) just a small photo.

I saved Picture Polish Monroe reborn for our End of the Year Party.

My jaw literally dropped when I had this on my nails. The picture shows three coats of Picture Polish Monroe reborn over Essence XXL Nail Thickener and I finished off with one coat of Poshe Top Coat.

And THEN I received incredible nailmail from wonderful Radha from The Polish Owl. Oh Radha, you spoil me rotten, thanks love for all the awesomeness you sent my way. And it sent me into a mild form of agony over which one to use first. I ended up painting one color per nail, but then that was not really an option for a NOTD ;-). Among the treasures was Hare Polish Ocean of Alloys from their Finder's Keepers Fall 2012 Collection, look at this beauty:

I applied one coat of Hare Polish Oceans of Alloys over Essence I Love Bad Boys and finished off with one coat of Poshe Top Coat.

Lovely Liesl from Liesl loves pretty things  put up a post of Zoya Song - honestly I nearly died a little bit. I immediately had to reach out to her and ask if she minds me referring to her as my inspiration - here comes Zoya Song from Zoya's Diva Collection and thank you Liesl xxx for inspiring me:

These are two coats of Zoya Song over China Glaze Ridge Filler and Poshe Top Coat.

I finished the week with Cult Nails Charlatan from their Deceptive Collection over A England Camelot (I stopped buying black polish after I got this one - honestly!!!). I had not tried Charlatan over black yet and this combo sat on top of my to do list. OMG it is incredibly multichrome shifting from purple to turquoise.

I started with A England The Knight Base Coat, two coats of A England Camelot and one coat of Cult Nails Charlatan.

My usual Sunday question to you my dear readers: what was on your pretty nails this week?

Purchase info: Nubar: Harlow & Co. Picture Polish: Harlow & Co, Llarowe, Pshiiit Boutique. Zoya: Nailcare Club. Cult Nails: from their own Website Cult Nails.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting


  1. Yay for last week of work 2012!! All those polishes are so beautiful!

    1. :-)))!!! And thank you so much!!! I enjoyed wearing each of them.

  2. Thanks for the link <3 Song looks beautiful on you! And Charlatan looks *totally* awesome. The shift reminds me of the old SH Nail Prisms.
    You've already seen what's been on my nails this week, but one I didn't show was Butter London West End Wonderland over Max Factor Ivory. I've been trying to fit that one in but time just hasn't allowed it, lol.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours <3

    1. Hi Liesl, thank you so much for your - as always - wonderful comment xxx. I am sure Butter London West End Wonderland Looks beautiful on you - and yes, you had a Song-week <3!!! I hope you will have a lovely time over the Holiday with your loved ones - Happy Holiday <3!!!

  3. Hi christine! I hope you're already enjoying your holidays by now! I cannot believe my eyes! all the polishes you've been wearing are gorgeous. I love <3 monroe!! is spectacular, but the others are pretty awesome too, can't decide of a favourite here. You may not believe, but last week my nails were polish free all the time!!!
    Today is the first time I'll do my nails since I'm in Argentina, and I haven't been missing it, haha!
    Wishing you all the best for the holidays and the happiest beginning of the year 2013!

    1. Hi Nati, how lovely to hear from you!!! Thank you so much love <3. And yes, Monroe is awesome - sigh.... To have had bare nails during vacation and not missing it is an excellent sign - it means, you have a wonderfully busy and fulfilled time in Argentina with your loved ones - what's more to ask??? I am enjoying my days off TREMENDOUSLY. I also wish you a wonderful Holiday and love and happiness for 2013 - bisou