Monday, 24 December 2012

My Best Of 2012 Part 1

Before I go into my favorite polishes I wanted to present two companies out there that spat up awesome collections throughout the year, so to me, they are the overall winners of this year. Those being Zoya and Butter London. While not having bought their entire collections I have purchased at least from most of their collections:

From the True Collection Spring 2012 from left: Bevin, Skylar, Lotus, Tru

From the Surf and Beach Collections Summer 2012 upper row from left Arizona, Myrta. Lower row: Wednesday,  Zuza, Meg

 From the Diva and Designer Collections Fall 2012 top row from left: Evvie, Noot, Natty, Song

From left: Rekha, Elisa, Toni, Monica

The Gloss Collection from left: Frida, Katherine, Paloma

The Ornate Collection is still missing :-(

Butter London

Spring/Summer: Slapper, Disco Bisquit, Lillibeths Jubilee

Autumn/Winter: Scuppered, Gobsmacked, Lovely Jubbly, Stag Do (angled to show some of the shimmer)

And the unbelievable Two Fingered Salute

There were plenty of other beautiful polishes released by these two companies this year but given that they both are pricey to get in Switzerland I had to limit my buys.

What were your favorite Brands of 2012? 

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. I'll have to start getting those Butter London :)

  2. Wow, you have a lot of Zoyas LOL!! Great choices! Two Fingered Salute is really amazing! Beijos

    1. My reply to you again saved as individual comment - aaaargh!!!! I said: yes, I am shocked about myself - LOL!!!! Thank you - Küsschen

  3. Yes, am shocked about myself - LOL!!! Thank you xxx!!! Küsschen

  4. I only have a few Zoyas, but their colors are gorgeous! I'd have to say my favorite brands this year were OPI and Essie. They have some really gorgeous options and great, consistent formulas.

    1. You are right, Essie and Opi had wonderful collections too. But when I started to assemble my Best Of, I realized that I bought the most of these two. Thank you for commenting :-)