Sunday, 23 December 2012

Party nails: Hare Polish Medusa Luminosa

I am so exited that I finally can show-off all my sparkly, shiny nailpolishes. I assembled an outrageous amount of them in the course of the year - always giving myself the excuse: oh if it is too much bling I will wear it over Christmas time. Well, I definitively have now more polishes than party days - LOL

Last Sunday we were invited to a Birthday Party of a close friend. Since this was going to be informal and low-key, I decided to go with something not overly bling.

There are two Indie Brands out there that seem to become HTFs (Hard to Finds) the instant they are put  into stock. Those being Enchanted Polish and Hare Polish. One of the Hare Polish I could happily snatch recently is Medusa Luminosa. This looked pretty sheer in the bottle and I ransacked my stash for an appropriate base color.

Zoya Mira on its own (I applied two coats of Zoya Mira over China Glaze Fill the Ridge)

I applied one coat of Hare Polish Medusa Luminosa and finished the look with one coat of Poshe Top Coat:

Indoors in artificial light

Indoors in daylight

 Outdoors - overcast sky (sun was absent that day :-S)

I think the pictures speak for themselves. I am happy to have been able to snap pictures that really shows how different Medusa Luminosa can look.

Do you have any Hare Polish? What is or are your favorite "lemming brand(s)"?

I order Hare Polish with Llarowe.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. I love the vibrant purple and blue together! So pretty. And Mira's such a perfect base color.
    I honestly don't really have any big indie lemmings, save for Dollish Polish I'm a Material Girl. I heard that one was coming back this fall, and I paid pretty diligent attention. I don't know if I totally missed the incredibly small window of opportunity I had to buy it or they decided not to bring that one back after all, but alas, I'm still after it. ;)

    1. Hi Liesl, thank you so much for your lovely comment xxx. Good to know - I will have an eye on the Material Girl now as well - you know four eyes might see more than two ;-) I hope to help scouting :-)

  2. Hare has some really special polishes! This one is very pretty! I don't have any of them *yet* but some of them are on my wishlist :)

    1. Thank you so much dear!!! I am curious which one will show up first on your doorstep :-)))

  3. Pretty!! I love the color combo !! I will take a peek on her next restock lol !! Merry Christmas Christine !

    1. Thank you Vicky xxx!!! Let me know what Hares you got :-) - Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones <3