Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rainbow Honey Be Mine

Today I want to show you the softest of the four polishes that come in the Creme Couture Mini Set by Rainbow Honey. Be Mine is a coral-peach jelly with golden shimmer at abundance. This is a shade I would never have bought individually - it is not really my pot of polish so to say. However it is sweet, delicate, pretty and its softness is girly and charming.

I applied two coats of Rainbow Honey Be Mine over my regular Base Coat. Much to my astonishment the formula was not half as difficult as I imagined. Yes, the first coat went on sheer but the second provided the opacity as seen in the pictures above. I have to admit, that I did do a slightly thicker second coat. It is my guess, that due to the amount of shimmer combined with the quick drying formula results in the nearly immediate gluey consistency. Working quick is imperative with all of the Creme Couture polishes, else you won't see the end of the day because you end up with glops and bald patches.

Final thoughts: No, I certainly will not wear this as mani on its own but for Skittelettes and base for stamping: YES, PLEASE!!!!

I ordered the Rainbow Honey Creme Couture Mini Set with Pshiiit Boutique.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. I really like the shimmer on this one! It looks really pretty :-)

  2. This is so girly! I love that shimmer!

  3. I am all into pinks lately, and I'm liking this one too! but of course I can see is not a Christine kind of shade ;) I'm not good at hurrying when applying nail polish, ususally end up making a mess, so probably the formula and I won't get along.
    bisous ma belle, xxx.

  4. Hi pet! Pink is not really my color but the shimmer in it makes it look quite pretty. To bad about the formula but as you say in skittlettes and as accent nails - why not? ;) Have a great day hon! Still raining with you? Here is hot as hell… :( Viele K├╝sschen!!! xxx