Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Rainbow Honey Tessie

Now here we have a polish in a color that I have quite an ambivalent relationship with. I absolutely DO love lilac but each time I put it on my nails I am sort of meh - maybe it is because I wish it would pop more against my skin tone. Lilac usually just doesn't give the contrast against my skin that I like so much. But here is Tessie - the lilac shimmer of the Rainbow Honey Creme Couture Collection. It is soft yet bright and loaded with dark periwinkle shimmer (how extraordinaire, this combination, no?) And look at how TANNED my skin looks next to Tessie:

I applied two coats of Rainbow Honey Tessie over my regular Base Coat. The formula is consistent for those three shown colors: a tad tricky, quick drying and not too pigmented. If I would wear this as full mani I would wait for the first coat to dry before going over it with the medium thick second coat. 

There is also a mini Top Coat coming in this set which I tried over Tessie and I was quite impressed - high shine and quick drying, this is what we are all looking for, no?

Final thoughts: Yes, this is a beautiful lilac, bright and still delicate with a squishy quality and that shimmer is just A!MAZING!

I ordered the Rainbow Honey Creme Couture Mini Set with Pshiiit Boutique.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for dropping by!!!
Christine <3


  1. That's a good point! Your skin looks really tanned next to good old Tessie! I doubt it would make mine looked tanned! I'm kinda pale - despite the lovely sunshine we have had here in Scotland! I burn and I don't tan and I'm covered in moles & freckles so have to be really, really careful!! Anyway the weather has turned and it's now windy and light rain - so no holos for a while I think :-|

    It's a wonderful colour and that shimmer is just excellent and makes the polish even more gorgeous! :-)

  2. Very extraordinaire my dear! Looks great on you! And yes - very tanned hands! How wonderful! Love those polishes with a tanning effect ;) Viele K├╝sschen!!! xxx

  3. Yes, this color gave you a tan! It has such a beautiful shade and a beautiful shimmer! <3

  4. I can only agree, this looks lovely on you and the contrast is quite flattering! You demonstrate the beauty of this one so nicely. Oddly, I cannot wear lavender clothes. They cause me to look sallow. Nail polish is another story, though, I happily discovered this with OPI Care To Danse?. So, polish is where I get my lavender fix :)

  5. I think the colour is gorgeous and it really contrasts against your skintone! What a gorgeous shimmer too, but I still prefer the turquoise you showed the other day... hands down my fave of this set :)
    bisous ma belle xxx