Sunday, 29 June 2014

Dance Legend Llarowe Exclusive No 529 Deco Dance

Today is the day - or by the time you read this - yesterday was the day, but for the sake of simplicity let's stick to presence. OK so a couple very dear to me, will renew their vows in a matter of hours and throw a second wedding party!!! Since weeks we have been researching the PERFECT dress, matching shoes, making hairdresser appointments - yes, we took the whole seven miles haha! Finally, it is the day, it started raining, whether my dress nor my shoes are fit for this weather, I am not happy with my choice of nail polish and by now time is too short to redo them properly but too long to idly twiddling thumbs and due to some eyeliner I tried yesterday and react allergic I look like a Cyclop - but then, isn't it always like this???

So what better chance to fill that break before the frenzy starts with writing up a post? Here we go: My latest polish-knack is Dance Legend. My love for them started somewhat biased with their textured polishes. Already back then the list of lines popping up with Llarowe left me stunned. And now, about a year later, I have picked-up the one or the other and I am getting more and more exited about this brand. Today I have a Llarowe exclusive for you: No 529 Deco Dance - beautiful multichrome flakie swimming in a blurple base. I was pretty exited about this beauty so I am afraid you get a load of pictures here:

and in matte:

I applied two coats of Dance Legend No 529 Deco Dance over one coat of Colors by Llarowe Grape Juice. The consistency was perfect and the amount of flakies traveling on the brush is simply amazing. It spreads nice and easy on the nail. Though you should invest some time in the drying time - it is not all that quick and remains prone to dents for quite some time, even after applying Top Coat. But oh boy, it is worth the patience for letting it dry…

Final thoughts: I am hooked to this sort of flakies - as my stash of similar pals shows, but this will be elaborated in another post…. For now: love, love, love this :-)

Dance Legend Llarowe Exclusive No 529 Deco Dance is available with Llarowe - when I checked last, there were still bottles left in stock…

To end this post as I started it: The party was great - despite the repeated downpours. Wearing my new sandals made of PVC or whatever is used these days for leather replicas survived any amount of water in perfect shape. And it was great to see a ton of people I haven't met in ages. Food was plenty, vows were sweet, mood was great. Quite honestly though, the weather did sort of ruin the whole thing - everyone felt clamy and cool before 10 pm and come to think of it, I believe I was never home THAT early from any wedding-related event.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!
Christine <3


  1. This flakie is really stunning! It reminds me of an old Nfu-Oh, 51!

    1. Thank you hon - you are right about the Nfu Oh and yes, a comparison post with it is due this week ;-) xoxo

  2. Wow this is a stunning DL! It looks good matte too! Wow! :-)

    So how did the day go? Rain is never a good thing with a fancy dress and shoes :-|

    1. Thank you Ananka - oh the party was lovely despite downpours - I should complement the post.... Back to nails: with flakies I am always torn between glossy and matte - I love the look of both :-S