Friday, 18 April 2014

Mentality Polish Week: Orgasmic

Have you also gotten some polish in your collection that leaves you short of words when you try to describe them? This is what happened to me after I put Mentality Orgasimic on my nails. My eyeballs remained fixated on my hand unable to transmit the visual information to the word forming section of my brain. My first thought was a faintly ice blue dented clear base filled with crazy holo sparkles and pink shimmer. In the shade it is a pale silver grey with a discrete magenta shine.

I applied two coats of Mentality Orgasimic (the first one thin, the second medium thick) over Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat. The formula is creamy though not overly pigmented. Yes, you guess right, this calls for a careful application and a quick check of the amount of polish on the brush before painting. Too thin and you get bald patches, too thick and you get polish swirls. I waited a couple of minutes in-between each of the coats and finished the many with Glisten&Glow HK Girl. But believe me, the application is totally easy and effortless if applied carefully.

Final thoughts: Mentality Orgasmic is easily one of my most beautiful holo polishes. However, I have some minor appalling feelings about its name. Maybe I am too old for this kind of word plays.

I ordered Mentality Orgasmic with Harlow&Co.

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