Thursday, 17 April 2014

Mentality Polish Week: Gorgeous

I waited for a polish with this name for a long time - isn't this an adjective that we Bloggers love to shout, squeal and gush if we come across a polish we love? Finally Mentality stepped out there and slapped a label with it on a bottle. Gorgeous is a blackened burgundy matte polish. Read vampy dark base loaded with burgundy micro shimmer that - as I came to expect and love with Mentality Polishes - glow from the dark base. Gorgeous has a perfect gradient from this glowing burgundy to dark (no, it is not black) edges.

just look at the amazing shimmer in the full sun

I applied two coats of Mentality Gorgeous over Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat. The formula is insanely creamy and pigmented - no it is not thick, it is creamy. As with any matte polish, swift and light brushstrokes to get an even finish. Given the quick dry time a slower application can lead to visible brushstrokes or irregular finish.

Are you in for some more Gorgeousness amped up with some glossy finish? In the first picture you can even see the one or the other blue gleaming spark!!!

Final thoughts: Mentality Gorgeous fits right into the Vicountess of Vampiness range of colors. If push comes to shove and I ever would have to decide on 5, no make it 10 polishes I would have to go by for two months, I bet more than half of them would be exactly such deep, vampy shades.

I ordered Mentality Gorgeous with Harlow&Co.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for dropping by!!!


  1. Oh my fuhreaking gosh, is this a matte holo?!!?! WOWWWW I need some of this! And I think I've said that on just about every single one of your Mentality matte postings. You really need to stop posting such gorgeous (;) ) photos of these different brands! (Just kidding, don't stop, lol). My checkbook can't deal with another brand to love whilst in the throes of full-fledged Cultie-ism, lol.

    1. Haha thank you sis!!!! My credit card feels with your checkbook - LOL!!! I have to admit, I wouldn't have dived into all those rather new brands, if my favorites were available easier - not the Cults, but Elevation Polish to name just one. Mentality though easily catapulted itself at the top of my ranking and I am impressed at the continuous same high quality of all of their polishes I tried… xxx

  2. Well isn't that just an aptly named polish!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree - and aren't you surprised too, that it took ages for a brand to actually label a polish "GORGEOUS"??? Thank you Anne <3