Saturday, 26 April 2014

Colors by Llarowe Little Boy Blue

I have to admit, I amassed way more holo polishes than I probably will be able to wear this summer (after all Switzerland is not a sun-drenched part of our planet). So you can imagine, I was more than smitten by Colors by Llarowe new shimmer polishes released for spring. And I just could not resist getting Little Boy Blue for myself, a simply perrrrfect cyan blue crelly filled to the gills with pink shimmers that show their iridescent secret upon twists and turns of your hands.

I applied two coats of Colors by Llarowe Little Boy Blue over my regular Base Coat. The formula is a perfect jelly-crelly hybrid, sheer but not runny and applying evenly already on the first coat. The consistency makes Little Boy Blue so easy to control, I promise you will enjoy each and every brushstroke! Dry time is fast and the finish has a nice shine. In some pictures you can see the slight shift to iridescent territory but on my pictures it is more visible in the bottle than on my nails but I assure you IT IS THERE!

Final thoughts: Colors by Llarowe Little Boy Blue will be my go-to polish if there are some dull days out there and I am in a deep need of a high dose of "cheer-up".

I ordered Colors by Llarowe Little Boy Blue with Llarowe.

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  1. This is truly a cheer-up polish! I love that pink-ish shimmer!

    1. Thank you hon! Between this blue and the pink really play so well together (would not be a favorite color combination of mine at first thought)

  2. Replies
    1. There you go a pink just needs to be in the right setting for you ;-) xxx thank you xxx

  3. Oh, so lovely! I like this colour so much O_O <3 !!
    Colours by llarowe are really stunning and formulation seem to be great! the holo you sent me is one of the best nail polishes I own, let alone holos, so I can imagine this shimmer (or are they micro flakies? whatever I never know) is a dream to apply too. Have a lovely start to your week ma biche, bisous! xxx