Friday, 25 April 2014

Lilypad Lacquer Indigo Love

Oh bly me - I just realize that this week hosts a second premiere! I happily share Lilypad Lacquer Indigo Love with you my dear readers today. Indigo Love is EXACTLY the indigo color I found when googling the color - what a masterpiece to get this into one bottle of polish! In the shade it reminded me of a ring with a Lapis Lazuli stone I once owned (and probably still do, if I would know where I stored it). It is big and heavy and totally unpractical for any Miss Moneypenny out there. But back to Indigo Love - in the shade it has a deep Lapis blue and the holo particles take the role of densely embedded silver dust that come with certain Lapis Lazuli stones. In the sun it unveils a deep and saturated (though mostly invisible to my camera) linear holo, mostly in turquoise, light blue and red.

last but not least, a photo taken indoors in the shade

I applied two coats of Lilypad Lacquer Indigo Love over my regular Base Coat. The formula is simply perfection, while the first coat still looks sheer, it is already totally even and you can go with either a second slightly thicker coat or opt for a second and third thin coat (which I will try next time, maybe it enhances the holo effect). Dry time is quick and the finish is rather shiny. Depending on the angle of your hand, you can see a shift into blurple in the base color - no amount of hand Yoga though helped in capturing it in my pictures but you can see it in the bottle. The same goes for the holo effect, it was much stronger IRL. I strongly recommend to apply two layers of Base Coat as Indigo Love has a tendency to stain your nails pink.

Final thoughts: Lilypad Lacquer Indigo Love is a perfect polish - it leaves me just wondering why I haven't seen more swatches of Indigo Love - or any of the other Lilypad Lacquers at that (despite them selling out within the blink of an eye whenever Llarowe does a restock or launch). But then maybe I just don't read the right blogs…..

Side note: My pictures look totally different than many I have seen posted before. I wonder if the formula changed or if there is an Indigo Love 2?

I ordered Lilypad Lacquer Indigo Love with Llarowe.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Yes of COURSE you read the right blogs! :P This is really lovely, and it looks so much like lapis! I bought my sister a lapis ring once, but I don't remember seeing that yummy holo. :D And LOL at "hand Yoga."

    1. Thank you Melissa xxx!! LOL re the Blogs ;-) we sure do!!! What I have learnt about Lapis is that depending on where it is found it has more or less silver sparks in it. Mine was found and crafted in old Persia (yep, it is an antique piece). The once found in the Nepal Himalaya Region might even contain golden particles. But I read this quite some years ago, I have no idea if I am correct here. On top I remember, that Lapis is like Turquoise found nearly around the globe and shows quite some individualities depending on its origins. And haha re the holo - this with the lapis blue, simple perfection xxx

  2. I'm staring at the pics and thinking "oh my goodness, i need that polish" then .. of course it's sold out! I do not have the patience to be stalking the re-stocking and usually by the time I read my emails the re-stockings are sold out *again* pff... You so made me laugh with Yoga hand! I totally do that too, LOL!
    Lapis lazuli was the stone my father chose for me as a child, he would offer me small pieces of raw silver jewelry adorned with lapislazuli almost every year until I was 15. Iunfortunately most of the rings won't fit any of my fingers, haha I was a child... but I love the stone and I feel it so "mine", this polish certainly reminds me of it!!