Friday, 7 March 2014

NCLA Candy Coat Cinnamon Girl

 NCLA came up with their own version of a coral textured polish - not the most unique idea, right? But let's take a look at Cinnamon Girl:

I applied two absolutely effortless coats of NCLA Cinnamon Girl over my regular base coat. I found Cinnamon Girl to be the most pigmented of the NCLA Candy Coats. And it comes with the best formula of them all. It still certainly requires two coat to burst out in the vivid coral and play that lovely shimmer, again I waited a couple of minutes in between coat no 1 and 2. Dry time again was fairly quick for a textured polish.

I have read that Cinnamon Girl is a twin to Opi Jinx - let us have a look:

Pinkie and middle: Opi Jinx, 1 coat
ring and index: NCLA Candy Coat Cinnamon Girl

Once on the nails the differences show quite clearly. While the base color is identical, at least to my untrained eye, it is the shimmer, sparkle that makes all the difference here. Cinnamon Girl nearly looks demure next to the sparkle explosion of Opi Jinx. So in the end it comes to how much sparkle you like in your textured polishes. While I love Opi Jinx to pieces and wear it on my toes again and again for everyday use and in work related appropriateness my vote goes to NCLA Cinnamon Girl. For many of you the price tag might be the decision point too - NCLA is no cheap brand and paying USD 16.00 per bottle is certainly steep considering what you pay for an Opi.

I ordered NCLA Candy Coat Cinnamon Girl with Pshiiit Boutique.

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