Thursday, 6 March 2014

NCLA Candy Coat Don't Sugarcoat It

Much to my dismay, the weather fairie decided for some cloud covered sky and I just cannot continue showing off more Nire's Desire as my remaining picks are holos (no big surprise for those of my dear readers who visit my Blog regularly). But since I was on a serious polish haul splurge over the last couple of weeks there are lots of more new beauties lined up.

NCLA went textured - they released four textured polishes called Candy Coat. First I have Don't Sugar Coat It. A medium jeans blue that has quite a dose of lilac in it and is loaded with silver shimmer.

I applied two coats of NCLA Don't Sugarcoat It over my regular Base Coat. The formula is pretty sheer though applies evenly on the nail. The consistency is perfect for a textured polish, just thin enough to spread nicely on the nail but not coming in bulks that would leave those ghastly blurps on your nails. I found to achieve the best results when not applied too thinly as you could be left with some "pale" spots. All of the NCLA Candy Coats don't like to get the second coat while the first is still very wet - I would advise to wait a couple of minutes in between to prevent polish dragging.

As for the textured finish: the surface of the nail certainly feels sandy though not as gritty as for example the Opis I own, probably due to the finely "grinded" glitter. Also I would recommend to give your bottle a decent shake before application. I tried my first round without and ended on the first couple of nails with a suede like finish and I tell you, this doesn't do those polishes any good. It is just WEIRD. The wear was quite nice but as with any of the other textured polishes not for more than two days without some clear signs of wear. Given the quicker drying time than many others, NCLA Candy Coats are an excellent option for a slap-and-go mani.

Final thoughts: NCLA Candy Coat Don't Sugarcoat It is totally unique in my stash - and very flattering next to my skin I find - a true win!!!

I ordered NCLA Candy Coat Don't Sugarcoat It with Pshiiit Boutique.

I look forward to your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Just gorgeous on you! Such a nice blue...and that fact that it's the finer texture compliments it well. But...uh...when are you NOT on a major polish splurge?? :P

    1. Hi Melissa, o-o you got me - LOL!!! There are too many pretty shades out there and I am super economical and always calculate the best polish/shipping ratio - so I am actually saving, no? :-D Anyhoo thank you so much and yes, the finer texture not only adds to the uniqueness if this blue number but might be an option for "texture rookies"

  2. Hiiii sis! This is very striking on you, equal to your royals and teals in beauty but fun to see something a little different. It sound like texture-lite and a nice choice for those still not too keen on the super bumpy ones. And GREAT that it's thinner but still boasts that super quick dry time. I find the thinner Zoyas and OPIs take longer, and more so on account of no quick dry topcoat. This looks like a winner through and through!

    1. Awww thank you sis xxx! Just seeing bottle shots of it, I heard it calling my name, very me this blue. What a great phrasing - texture light! Perfect wording - a great option for texture rookies xxx