Saturday, 22 February 2014

Elevation Polish Cerro Torre 2 and Elevation Polish Quartz Monzonite

I take a little break from all those Picture Polishes - but not from the nudes ;-P! Earlier this week I received my latest Elevation Polish order and among my newbies is yet another nude shade - this time round it is Cerro Torre 2. It is a mid-tone nude with the slightest tinge grey in it

I applied two wonderfully easy coats of Elevation Polish Cerro Torre 2 over my regular base coat. This is a crelly formula, more cream leaning than jelly. Already the first coat goes on nearly flawlessly and opaque and a medium thick second coat leaves you with the above super shiny result - I am a very impressed me over this!

And since I did a nude polish comparison yesterday, and because I thought it might be a question that the one or the other of my dear readers might ask in the comments or in their minds, I did a quick comparison to Picture Polish Beige. No need to throw in Picture Polish Nude here - this is way too peachy.

Pinkie and middle: two coats of Picture Polish Beige, ring and index: two coats of Elevation Polish Cerro Torre 2. Now isn't it astonishing, how yellow Beige looks next to Cerro Torre 2?

And finally the reason I went just a tad bonkers over nudes: I want to some neutrals to layer glitter over them! While bright bases provide funny and happy manicures, more often than not, it can be just that bit over the top for my office environment which lead to me skipping my pretty glitters mostly. To kick-off this white area on my polish map I layered Elevation Polish Quartz Monzonite over it - a clear based glitter filled with black, white, magenta glitters:

This is one coat of Elevation Polish Quartz Monzonite over Elevation Polish Cerro Torre 2 and Picture Polish Beige. The glitter spreads so nicely and lays flat and smooth on the nail - le sigh - le perfection!

I order my Elevation Polishes directly from their Bigcartel shop here - and oh, just in case, it is restocked today!

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Great comparison (again)! I think I prefer the Elevation Polish the best, I just like that almost "clay color" to my skin tone. It looks so chic :D

    1. Thank you Gelic <3! You got it so right - clay is a perfet description :-) and because indecissive is my middle name, I cannot name a preference :-D

  2. They look so great together! Perfect match <3

  3. I love nude polish and haven't worn one for a while. I love the glitter that you paired with it too! A nude polish is such a great base for so many glitters. I love grey under them too.

    1. Thank you Essie and you are of course spot on with that light grey base - my bottle of Cult Nails Faded shows a serious dent and I finally thought I should complement my stash with a nude - and ended up with all of four different ones - oh well..... I am addicted to polish after all ;-) <3