Friday, 21 February 2014

Comparison Picture Polish Beige and Picture Polish Nude

Aren't we all in the middle of the rage over Picture Polish's launch of their latest LE's - the multichrome-scattered holos??? Now I don't have any of them (yet) but…..

…. I have been wondering FOREVER what Picture Polish Beige and Nude would be like if seen next to each other. So first up Picture Polish Nude - I call it a lingerie nude but for the records it is a nude with a peach undertone, if that makes any sense, oh and it is a jelly

I applied three coats of Picture Polish Nude over Essence Hardening Nail Base. The formula is - ehem - not the easiest to work with. It is thin and applies streaky and patchy (due to being a jelly and being lowly pigmented). I had to do three careful coats and absolute no painting twice over the same area to achieve the above result. Dry time is so-so but look at this high shine…..

Summary: Throw jelly and nude pigments in a pot and you have the perfect polish-challenge. I think this is one of the hardest shades to mix, well yellow certainly is harder but a nude jelly is close. However, I love the lingerie color and a perfect shade to implement in a Skittelette or adorn it with studs or….

Next up Picture Polish Beige which is crelly and has some grey undertones in it.

I applied two coats of Picture Polish Beige over my regular Base Coat. Application was great, though please consider that this is a crelly, I still recommend a light hand for painting and not going over the same area twice despite Beige being a lot more forgiving than Nude. Dry time was also quicker and the finish is the same high shine.

Summary: Formula-wise Beige is my favorite. It is actually a fabulous crelly consistency. Colorwise I find Nude more flattering next to my skin tone - still both of them fit well into my gap of nude polishes.

And on to the comparison:

Pinkie and middle: 2 coats of Picture Polish Beige, ring and index: 3 coats of Picture Polish Nude. The difference between the two polishes is more visible in my indoor photo. Outdoors they look very, very, very similar.

Final thoughts: Application wise I certainly prefer Beige, color-wise Beige is closer to a nude look then, well Nude. Both of them are great basics that offer a variety of nail art options and even for a nail art klutz like me there are still studs, nail tattoos, stripes or a funky French and of course GLITTAAAR!!!

I ordered Picture Polish Beige and Picture Polish Nude with Pshiiit Boutiqe.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for dropping by!!!


  1. Hi pet! Great comparison!! I like Beige best as you know ;) I also think this suits you best. Viele Küsschen!! xxx

    1. Thank you sweetie - hahaha I know - all I say is Bridget :-D!!!!! Viele Küsschen xxx

  2. You can tell Beige has the better formula, but I really love Nude on you. And I love your observation that Beige is more nude than Nude, LOLOL... :D

    1. Hi Melissa, thank you <3!!! I like Nude too on me and maybe the formula will improve (read thicken) once the bottle was open for a while. I found this helped with more than one polish. Now I am pondering over which glitter to slap on what nude (eyeroll about self) <