Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Skittelette with Barry M Princess (Textured Polish)

I think this was the very first time that I got a complete collection of a line! And admittedly, I wouldn't have picked Princess for myself, but gosh, what a miss would this have been!!! Princess is whatever comes to your mind when you think of a pretty, girly Princess: a soft, sweet pink base full of glimmery, shimmery, glittery golds that might light up in silver or lime green in certain lights!

Giving some thoughts, how I would envision my own princess image, I certainly would throw in something unexpected and tweaked: I called therefore Cult Nails Grunge and Cult Nails Tempest to duty:

Pinkie: two coats of Cult Nails Fetish, dotted with Cult Nails Grunge
Ring and middle: two coats of Barry M Princess
Index: two coats of Cult Nails Grunge, pink stud (sorry, I cannot remember where I got it)

Barry M Princess has an excellent formula though applies very sheer - still, I liked it best at two coats - it kept a slight translucent delicacy yet still sparkled and shined madly. Once more the application was like with a cream. And the brushes of all Barry M Textured Polishes are just awesome to use, you can control the painting and the polish flows evenly on your nails. Dry time is normal - about 15 minutes until Princess was dry to the touch. It remained though sensitive for dents for about half an hour. 

This is Princess on its own:

Final thoughts: I would have never thought, I would actually be so taken by a soft and girly pink. This is another one of that set, that I could perfectly well see worn at the office - well over at mine for sure ;-) 

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Cool skittelette, especially colors and combinations. Princess is such a girly shade but it was still very pretty :D I can imagine it would look great in combination with black polish too :D

  2. Hi pet! I soooo love this manicure! Perfect combination! The dots on the pinkie are perfect and the stud on the pointer finger is really the icing on the cake! Love it! Princess looks great on you and I love that golden shine it has to it. A sort of afterglow almost ;) Viele Küsschen!!! xxx

  3. Aw, the skittelette is so cute! You know how much I love dots!! I love that stud too!

  4. Wow, Princess is totally gorgeous in a fun and girly way! And it looks fab as the center of your skittlette! :D

    ~ Yun