Thursday, 21 November 2013

Skittelette with Barry M Lady (Textured Polish)

This is the snow queen of the Barry M Textured Polishes! And right after Countess the one I was most eager to try……….  Barry M Lady has a sheer clear whitened base filled with golden, pink, silver and light blue micro glitter that mostly shines golden in the light. Let the fairytale begin:

Now with reference to fairytales I could not get snow white out of my head with skin white as Alabaster, hair black as Ebony and lips red as blood, I am sure no further explanation for my today's selection of pals for Barry M Lady are needed:

From left: Cult Nails Evil Queen, Barry M Lady, Cult Nails Fetish

And the recipe:
Pinkie: two coats of Cult Nails Fetish
Ring and index: two coats of Barry M Lady over Cult Nails Tempest
Index: two coats of Cult Nails Evil Queen, dots with Cult Nails Fetish

The formula of Barry M Lady was as with all my previous textured polishes by this brand excellent - however its pigmentation was super sheer. I would say this is as sheer as sheer can go without being called "clear". And no, I didn't try to get it opaque on its own, I have no idea how many coats I would have had to pile up on each other. Worn on its own at two or three coats it looks like nude with white sprinkle. Oh my, I did get distracted about the pigmentation here - well to come back to the summary of the application: that was easy breezy and due to its sheerness, it also dried quickly. Given the character of the shimmer this textured polish keeps a shine once dry.

Barry M Lady on all nails over one coat of Cult Nails Tempest:

sorry, I cannot enlarge this photo - the starkness is too blinding ;-P

Sadly Tempest is so bright and stark white, that it literally swallowed the effect of Barry M Lady - only in the photo I took in artificial light, you can see the texture and the effect. IRL though the shine was very pretty over white and the soft shine reminded me of Mother of Pearl. It NEVER looked like wet wall paint as the above pictures might indicate.

And lastly Barry M Lady three coats on its own:

Final thoughts: Barry M Lady is for me the only one of the collection, that I find a bit difficult to work with, mind you, nothing wrong with the formula, just its sheerness makes it more of an effect Top Coat than a polish to be worn on its own. To be honest, I prefer Opi Solitaire as white texture.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!

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  1. What a cute skittlette! I love your Snow White inspiration! :)

    ~ Yun