Friday, 22 November 2013

Skittelette with Barry M Majesty (Textured Polish)

What a shame, we are already at the end of my Skittelette series with Barry M Textured Polishes. The finale is showing Barry M Majesty and what an appropriate name for a golden sparkle. Majesty is a simple straight forward gold mega glitter bomb. Still, once dry, it gains a certain edginess due to the texture - the only reference that comes to my mind: golden tarmac!!!

For the finale I choose Picture Polish Wisteria and a NCLA Nail Wrap from the It Don't Matter set

Pinkie: two coats of Barry M Majesty
Ring: NCLA Nail Wrap
Middle: two coats of Barry M Majesty
Index: two coats of Picture Polish Wisteria

The formula of Barry M Majesty is straightforward gorgeous, perfect in consistency, not too sheer, not too thick. The application is as straightforward and easy, just slap, slap and ready to go. Simply perfect.

Barry M Majesty on its own:

Final thoughts: Barry M Majesty is the most versatile of the Textured Polishes in my eyes. It is simple yet straight forward and my favorite golden textured polish!! All of them have while clearly a textured finish no grittiness or leave rough tips. They clearly are top notch quality and I would put them on the same pedestal like the Isadora Sugar Crush polishes. In my eyes these two brands offer the best textured polishes of all that I tried. Jezz, I love each and every one of the Barry M Textured Polishes. They are awesome in application and finish!!! I cannot thank you enough for them xxx!!!!!

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Majesty is so pretty...the Barry M polishes you showed this week all look so elegant. I can see why I was drooling over them! :P

  2. This looks gorgeous! I love the combination of the purple, the gold, and the sharply contrasting black and white. Majesty looks amazing! Too bad I live in the US :(

  3. Oh, what a great combo! Love this so much. I miss doing manis like this.