Friday, 6 September 2013

Pretty Serious Galaxy Invader

Just the other week I admitted here on my Blog that I definitely neglect my Pretty Serious nailpolishes. You ask why? Heck if I only would know.............

Following my own rule to try to show once a week a polish that sat in my untrieds for a this weeks choice is Pretty Serious Galaxy Invader from their "They Came From Beyond Space" Collection. This is a multi-chrome with a foil like turquoise base shifting to lilac, light purple and along the edges in certain lights to a nearly blackened purple.

the above two pictures are taken indoors in daylighty, the below two outside in the shade

and here the famous water bowl picture...

I applied three coats of Galaxy Invader over Essence XXL Nail Thickener. As with many duo- and multichromes, the consistency is a bit sheer to begin with but you could easily justify wearing two coats only. I though like my duochrome effect maximised and therefore mostly go for three coats with any of them.

Final note: it is totally unfair that you see so little of this brand on my Blog. Their polishes usually have a perfect formula and their colors come with an edginess that is very unique. I will show them now more frequent here - I still have some of their gems in my stash ;-)

I ordered Pretty Serious Galaxy Invader with Llarowe.

Looking forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. This is such a gorgeous polish. I have one kindof like it from Models Own. I think it's called Aqua Violet. But don't look on my blog...I swatched it way in the beginning and my photos are horrible:( Your photos, on the other hand....perfect!

  2. SOOO beautiful! You know I love your water bowl photos...they make your nails look like what a mermaid's nails would look like. :D I don't have anything by Pretty Serious...maybe that's because I can't be serious? LOL... <3

  3. Let's get serious, this is pretty amazing :D I love this multichrome polish!

  4. What a beauty! I don't own any polishes by this brand - yet. Maybe I have to change that :-)

  5. Beautiful photos and the polish seems just awesome! :D

  6. This looks SO, SO AMAAAAZING!! Dangerously close to a SH Nail Prism I can't seem to get my hands on. Beautiful photos, Christine, you captured every aspect of this beauty so well.

  7. Oooh how gorgeous is that! Love the color shift there! :D

    ~ Yun

  8. hi Christine! Wow such an awesome shade and I love the color shift too !!