Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday Skittelette - inspired by a card

By now you, my dear readers, might know that I do regular nailpolish swaps with my Blogger friend Jezz from Little Miss Nailpolish. Not only does Jezz send me amazing polishes (at this time I cannot even name a favorite as I find them all that unique) but she also always sends a wonderful card along. Now I am a  very, very, VERY sloppy card writer myself. More often than not I am totally surprised that I need a Birthday card or any other for that matter and end up doing something ressembling a card myself. But I love to receive cards - and the card Jezz added to her package last time is just amazing.
From looking at it, I guess it is a sewed "painting" made of textiles??? Of course it decorates my fridge (which is totally plasterd with cards and other memorabilia b.t.w. - note to self: consider buying bigger fridge -LOL) and since I stare at it every morning while slurping coffee it was only natural that I started to think Skittelette - no?
So this is the inspiration:

... and this is my selection:
Ingredients (from left):
Bourjois Prepp'hibiscus, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Isadora Diamond Crush 100

all of the above pictures are taken indoors in daylight, the below photo outside in the sun

Pinkie and middle: two coats of Sinful Colors Endless Blue
Ring: two coats of Isadora Diamond Crush 100
Index and thumb: three coats of Bourjois Prepp'hibiscus

A very simply mani but I loved the contrast and the that silver Sugar Crush from Isadora "ist der Hammer" as we say in German (knock out of your socks in English). Of course the Isadora came from Jezz - how could I do a Jezz-Skittelette and not using any of the polishes she sent me????

Finally I got to use Endless Blue again - would you believe that ever since I received it from Liesl (Liesl, I will be grateful for this FOREVER) it sits in the drawer that I fill with polishes I want to wear soon? It is one of my two absolute favorite blue nailpolishes. In case you wonder about the other one: Elevation Polish Pic de Sottlo.

Prepp'hibiscus has become one of those colors that I seem to almost always want to wear and I nearly have to turn my head with force to look at others!!! @natacha_wears_a_tutu - this one really, really rocks!!!!

For this Skittelette I have no buying information as I got all of the used polishes from very dear Blogger friends (I am such a lucky gal :-D). In Switzerland Isadora can be bought with Douglas (at least the one in Basel holds a huge range) and Bourjois with Manor (again this relates to Basel and might differ in other regions).

I look forward to reading your comments. Thanks for visiting!!!



  1. Very fun card and also a very nice interpretation to the nails :D Simple but still very nice! :D

    1. Thank you sweetheart!!! My brain wouldn't spit up anything decent pattern or dot wise to make a nice combination of those three on a single nail - LOL - so I went for simple, glad you like it :-)

  2. Oh, the card is so cute! And your mani matches it perfectly :-)

    1. Thank you <3!!!! I wish I would not be such a clutz at nailart - then I could have come-up with a so much more interesting mani - oh bummer, it is what it is ;-)

  3. The inspirations we find... The card is so great, really makes me want to see your fridge! All three skittlette colors are lovely and your nails look beautiful! They're getting long! ♥

    1. Thank you sis!!!! I will post a picture of my fridge soon :-) I will take off pictures of people though - they might not appreciate and I don't want to offend anyone - next Sunday I will post one ;-). And my nails are short again - I cannot deal with long nails - or not yet. All that clack-clack drives me bonkers!! <3

  4. This mani looks so pretty! Great choices :)