Thursday, 5 September 2013

Shimmer Polish Taylor over Bourjois Rouge Obscur

I just discovered that this week's posts so far featured only brands starting with an "E" - oh my what a useless observation. Still, I wonder now if I should not have tried to stick with the meaningless system and take for today an Essie for example............... :-P OK I slapped myself for this silliness and now let's get going:

Last week my good companion - the nail clipper went "kaputt" for good - beyond rescue. And I bought  a new Glass File. Along with my new nail clipper the train on the road of disaster could not be stopped anymore. I have now nubbins nubbisher than normal nubs - aaaargh. Oh well within a week this will be over but I had to amend some of my post-plans nonetheless.

I still haven't shown you all of my pretty new Bourjois polishes I got from @natacha_wears_a_tutu - so today I show you Bourjois Rouge Obscur. A dark red with strong purple tones.

I applied two coats of Rouge Obscur over Essence XXL Nail Thickener - isn't the shine incredible??? And application was totally easy despite my short nails that sometime gives me a bit of a challenge to prevent flooding of nail beds and finger tips. What you see here is without clean-up!!!

At one time I was stunned at the amount of Shimmer Polish posts seen allover the nail polish blog universe - that was before I discovered her Etsy Shop (ehem - I guess you see where this might be leading to). Taylor is a Shimmer Polish I bought from Harlow & Co when they launched the line sometime earlier this year - a beautiful dark very blue leaning red base filled with tiny glitters in - oh wait - I slapped on some on a sticky tape to show you and safe me the description:

But we want to see it on nails, right?

I applied one coat of Shimmer Polish Taylor  over my Bourjois Rouge Obscur mani. The application is nice and easy despite the fan like brush that sort of surprised me. The consistency of Taylor is a tad thickish and tacky. Therefore I prefer to wear it layered versus worn on its own. I tried Taylor also on its own and while it provides decent opacity at two coats the polish is thick on the nails - and I.just.cannot.stand the look of those glops of polish on my nails. Another advantage of the layering is that Taylor dries less gritty than when worn on its own. I still had to apply two coats of my regular Top Coat Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer but the surface then remained shiny and glossy.

Final thoughts: I just love those elegant sparkly Shimmer Polishes and I love vampy manis, now it is not hard to guess where to this catapults Shimmer Polish Taylor in my ranking, right? LOL!!!

I ordered Shimmer Polish Taylor with Harlow & Co.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Hehe silly moment. :P Love the combination here! Looks like the two are made for each other! :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Hi Yun - haha, I was so annoyed with myself, I tell you ;-P!!! And thank you love xxx

  2. Love this combo! Dark and sparkly :) Perfect.

  3. This is so pretty...I love the vampy Bourjois and the Shimmer looks great over it. <3