Saturday, 13 July 2013

Glitter Me: KBShimmer Squared Away over Lime Crime Pastelchio

I have one more "Glitter Me" mani for you - yup, I experienced an idea-overload when I lined up the glitters I wanted to show this week ;-)

I saved KBShimmer Squared Away for last - as with all the other glitters I have shown this week, Squared Away is so versatile and fun to work with. The options appear endless. I wanted to combine it with a really, really contrasting base color and picked Lime Crime Pastelchio.

I applied one coat of KBShimmer Squared Away over ONE coat of Lime Crime Pastelchio (I could hardly believe my eyes, but Pastelchio was totally opaque and even with one coat!!!)

Since I have not shown Lime Crime Pastelchio on its own yet....

I applied one coat of Lime Crime Pastelchio over Zoya Anchor Base Coat. The application was flawless - just perfect! If I would wear Lime Crime Pastelchio on its own though I would go for a second coat but only to disguise my ridges which still show clearly after one coat.

I ordered KBShimmer Squared Away and Lime Crime Pastelchio with Harlow & Co.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Such a great combo! I like the really, really contrasting base color! ;) I love the square teal glitters.

    1. Thank you dear Melissa :-)!!! Phew - I was a tad worried that I went a bit overboard with this combo - and coming to think of it, Squared Away has similar main colors like Blogger - just more teal than fuchsia and square and fewer whereas Blogger is just a bottle filled with tiny glitters and some fluid to make it a polish ;-)

  2. Hi pet! OMG!! You own Lime Crime Pastelchio!!! I love the brightness of that polish!! It looks great on you! Square glitters are so much fun!! Unique! Viele Küsschen hon! xxx

    1. Hi doll - I have a couple of Lime Crimes - they were my only neons for a while. So happy you like it :-) and this was my first glitter with square pieces in fact ;-P - hope you have a great Saturday love - viele Küsschen xxx