Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Glitter Me: Cirque Kaleidoscope over Zoya Arizona

You may have noticed that I went a bit crazy over Cirque's latest collection Arcus - Annie's polishes keep popping up on my Blog left and right :-D - but then this collection is amazing!!!

Kaleidoscope was a must-have - it is such a happy and fun mumble jumble of colors, sizes and forms of glitter:

The above picture is taken outdoors in the shade, the below photo indoors in daylight

I applied two coats of Cirque Kaleidoscope over two coats of Zoya Arizona. The formula of Kaleidoscope was excellent to work with and this time round I remembered to put the bottle upside down before applying. The glitter pay-off was awesome and each and every one of them lay flat on my nails.

Anyone remember the frenzy we were in last year over anything orange on our nails? I also remember plenty of posts praising the uniqueness of Zoya Arizona. While I hardly gravitate towards orange - I find it hard to find a shade that does not clash with my skin tone - Zoya Arizona definitely is an exception. And looking at Arizona, I still like it a lot - despite it most certainly not being the most flattering color against my skin

This is Zoya Arizona, two coats. Just look at how shiny it dries. But yes, the formula is sheer and while it is no challenge to apply, I would probably go for a third coat if I wear it on its own.

I ordered Cirque Kaleidoscope from their own website.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. I love the multi-color glitter. It makes it so fun to try it over so many different colors. I have been loving orange lately and this was a perfect color to try underneath the glitter:) Great idea!

    1. Hi Essie - I believe I remember that your post on Zoya Arizona finally made me buy it ;-)!!! Thank you for your lovely comment <3!!!

  2. This is such a fun glitter combo! :) Arizona is the *ugliest* polish (on me) that I own, but it looks really nice on you. And the glitter absolutely makes it look even better. ;)

    1. Hi Melissa - LOL really? Hard to imagine!! Thank you hon <3!!! I admittedly don't really like it on its own on me either - but I seem to have gained the faintest tan with which I can now get away wearing this orange - and for sure - I will use it as "canvas" mostly :-) xxx

  3. Hi pet! This sure was a happy blend of glitters! :D Happier than the one you showed yesterday! ;) I love it over orange! I think this blend would look good over any color actually! It makes me think of the circus with all the bright mix of colors! :D
    As for the orange it looks so juicy!! :D I never joined the hype last year because I look awful in orange - both in terms of clothes and nail polish. You on the other land really pull it off! :D
    Thank you so much again for the parcel love!! You truly made my day!! <3
    Viele Küsschen!! xxx

    1. Hi doll - you are right - it is because there is no huge black dots disturbing the color mumble-jumble I believe :-D!!! I will have to try to layer it over a turquoise - or a teal - or a blue - or a....! You are too sweet about the orange - I now have a faint tan and can wear this sort of orange but mind you, if I would wear orange in terms of clothes, everybody would believe that I was forced or under an alien influence but certainly not freely deciding on that color - I look just sick when wearing orange - ANY orange - or like a traffic warden ;-P!!!

      I am proud to report that I managed to insert picture and link!!! YAY - and I am immensely happy that I saved your day - the timing was perfect then <3 - Puss, Puss xxx