Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A note of Thank You

My dear Blogger friends,

I was so deeply moved by all your support and warm words. You might not realize but those words and thoughts truly help me to walk through dark days in my life. The gift of so much warmth and heartfelt empathy is a bright spark and truly enlightens my days. I sincerely hope to soon be able to reply to all your messages individually. This nailpolish community is plain awesome and our cyber-tight-knight companionship and friendship is overwhelming and I feel so blessed to have met so many of you wonderful ladies since I started blogging.

While I already start to have ideas again for posts (one does need diversion during these days) I am still so busy in trying to get a grip on Mark's stuff - death is a huge business and an even bigger bureaucratic business.

And since this finally is a nailpolish Blog just a quick picture of what I wear on my nails today:

It is the beautiful Picture Polish Starry Night:

And while you might be surprised that my nails don't walk nekkid - Mark would absolutely disapprove of me going all careless about my appearance and nails. He was always particularly proud of my manicured hands, so I think you understand my urge to not let him down even now. 

With deep gratefulness for your support and help



  1. Dear Christine, I'm so glad you seem to be kind of OK (talking of "being good" would be misplaced at the moment, I'd say). Starry Night is a gorgeous polish, and I'm sure keeping some kind of routine, and even if it's "only" a routine of polishing your nails, helps to keep it all together. *hug*

  2. My dear Christine, one really needs all the strength one can get in moments like this. You're right to keep polishing your nails, and I'm sure Mark is admiring your mani right now.
    I'm sending you lots of positive thinking and I'm here for anything you need. Love, xx

  3. My dear Christine, I was just thinking about you today ... More like worried .. I'm glad to hear from you, really I do. And keeping Mark happy by polishing your nails. Lovely manicure :)

  4. I'm so glad that our support has helped you - even in just a small way. We are all here for you:) Love this mani and he would be so proud. Love you. Es

  5. I love that Mark wouldn't be happy with you not taking the time to polish your nails. What a gorgeous bloke. Hugs to you and Nell. Wish there was something meaningful we could do to help darling. xxx

  6. Meine Liebe Christine, I´m so proud to be your friend, you´re such and incredible and strong woman. Mark, I´m sure, is looking over you and happy you honour him even in the little things. Love you dear! Deine Schwester, Pri

  7. Starry Night is absolutely gorgeous, sis-- you could not have picked a more fitting comeback polish. I know Mark would be over the moon for this one :) Again... wonderful to see you out and about. Your strength is astounding and I continue to pray all the comfort and peace heaven can provide on you, love.

  8. I'm glad you're keeping your hands manicured these hard days! Mark would have loved this one, it looks stunning on you!

  9. My dearest Süsse! I took care of everything after my grandmother past away a few years ago so I know how bureaucratic death can be... Hang in there! Please let me know if there is anything I can do!
    Starry Night is beautiful!! Did you know that all the atoms in your body once was part of a star? Many many years ago of course but still ;) And once we are gone our atoms once again become parts of the stars. Maybe that's why we so comforted and at home when we watch the stars at night...?
    Take care my dear! Viele Küsschen! xxx

  10. Sweetie, I'm glad you're doing ok. That mani is so pretty... I think Mark would have been really proud of you. Hang in there! <3

    ~ Yun