Friday, 18 January 2013

Zoya Myrta - no juice today

Today is my last post of the Zoya themed week - YESSSSSS you made it (nearly) ;-)!!! I am not really into orange nailpolish and own only a few but Myrta definitvely was unique enough for me to step out of my usual polish-pattern and buy it.

This is Zoya Myrta from their Surf and Beach Collection for Spring/Summer 2012. Such a happy shade, I am sure you remember the beautiful swatches we saw last spring!!! This is a perfect shade to fight the dreariness of January!!!!

The picture above is taken in daylight, the picture below in artificial light

I applied two coats of Myrta over Essence XXL Nail Thickener. The formula is fantastic, the nailpolish so to say flowed all on its own to the nails, it evens out nicely, no brush-strokes, no pooling or dragging and it dries really fast!!!

Myrta is so pretty and shiny on its own that I will skip any tuning for this mani :-)!

What is your favorite summer shade for winter?

Side note: I deliberately posted about older polishes this week. I remember when I started to build-up my polish stash, I more often than not came across older polishes that I absolutely loved but was unable to find any recent pictures of them - or any at all for that matter. Therefore I thought it might be nice for new collectors to come across more recent pictures and posts of older polishes. - Your thoughts?

I order my Zoya polishes with Nailcare Club and with Pshiiit Boutique .

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. It is a happy shade :) Love it!!

  2. This colour made me happy! :D
    I like it even though I'm not much for orange polishes either.

    I think it's great fun to see older polishes!! If everyone just showed the newest and latest collections it would be boring. ;)
    And I've just recently got to know you (wish I'd known you a lot longer though!!) so I haven't seen your older stash! :D
    Take care Christine!

    1. How extrordinary sweet of you, I am so touched and for me it is the same - I am soooo happy to have met you too xxx!!! Thank you very much for your comment on me showing older polishes, I was a tad insecure about it!!! I highly value your input, it helps me a lot to understand how my posts are received. Now let me head over to your Blog and have a look what gem you had in store for us today, love xxx

  3. I love this color! So bright and fun!
    You shouldn't feel like you have to post new colors all the time. Beautiful polishes are always beautiful no matter when they were released. Some polishes are just timeless :)

    1. Thank you Ina :-)!!! I will continue to also show older polishes - I am so with you, there are colors that were released some time ago and go unmatched to the day <3

  4. Wonderful shade, Christine! I said you've crowned your Zoya week with this one. It looks so rich and bright this is definitely cheering my snowy winter up! (even without juice, lol)
    And I agree with Ina! Older colours that are this good are never really "old" they're always wanted and it's a pleasure to our eyes!(though, I do not even consider a 2012 an old colour!! to be "old", in my opinion, it has to be at least 2010)
    I've loved this Zoya week!

    1. Salut Nati, thank you my dear friend!!!! I am so glad that all of you appreciate also me showing older polishes. And actually you are right - a polish released in 2012 is not old - but I find the world of nailpolish has such an incredible fast pace that all the focus is aimed at the spring releases 2013 and little thought is shed on anything older than half a year. And "mille fois remercie" for your support of my Blog and my ideas. Grand Bisou (sorry but my French is so incredibly poor I have to stick to the easiest phrases ;-P)

  5. I feel that orange is best when it's got some red in it, like this one. This whole collection was/is so gorgeous! My favorite summer shade for winter would be gold, maybe, but that one spans the seasons. Most of what I wear in the winter does, I think, except for some of the darker duochromes and the super vampy wine shades. I like to match my seasons. I think it's fun to anticipate wearing certain colors again, like clothes and perfume ♥

    1. Hi Liesl!!! I am no expert in Orange - I just got Chanel Holiday as my other Orange and this one most certainly a Summer shade ONLY!!! I admire your ability to maintain the seasonal colors. I would love to be able to restrain myself to it but as I feel the need for a flashy orange in the middle of Winter, I equally have to wear vampy shades in Summer - though these are year-round for me. If I would have to restrict myself to 10 bottles of nailpolish I am sure half of them would be vampy colors - LOL!!! I do wear perfume though depending on the Season. Thank you for your lovely comment xxx