Sunday, 16 December 2012

My NOTDs of the week

Another week of glamorous nails - YEAH!!!! I simply seem to be unable to wear anything without bling, glitter, sparkle or shimmer right now.

I tried Enchanted Polish Ola Rio previously over various dark shades from green, brown and blue and did not like it on any of them. This leaves black (and of course Enchanted Polish I am the Walrus but I save this one for a separate post ;-))

These are two coats of Enchanted Polish Ola Rio over one coat of A England Camelot. I used A England the Knight as Base Coat and Butter London Hardwear as Top Coat.

I could not resist adding a second photo here, I blurred it intentionally to show off the pink sparkle:

On Monday I received another epic nailmail from my sister in polish from Brazil containing ALL of the Jade Diamond collection. They are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear sis - Thank you again one million times for this beauty!!!! First to be worn is Jade Diamond Scarlet. Wonderful Vicky from Boombastic Nails has also posted about it just this week - have a look!!

... and another photo from incredible Jade Diamond Scarlet in daylight:

These are three thin effortlessly applied coats. It looks like Caramel Apple - yummie!!! I used Essence XXL Nail Thickener as Base Coat and A England The Shield Top Coat.

One of my lovely readers recently teased me if I would also own "normal" polish (LOL) - to her credit I  include a photo of my base color Nails Inc Belgrave Place:

But that does not mean I left it on its own. I added one layer of Nfu oh 51. Now I should have either used another base color or another effect top coat (I think holographic here) because these two while not really hating each other fight for attention. Unfortunately the gorgeous flakies don't come alive on this already pulsing base. I wore this anyhow, it was already late and I was not in the mood to start from scratch again. My own rating for this mani: meh ;-)

Lastly I wore Contrary Polish Anna Maria from The Island Collection. Truth be told: I yet have to come across a polish from Contrary Polish that I do not like. The polishes are all having "the little something" that sets them apart from the masses out there. I am currently saving up for another shopping spree with Llarowe ;-)

I applied three thin coats of Contrary Polish Anna Maria. The formula is on the thin side and the first  coat applied sheer. Either you could apply only one thicker second coat or do two thin coats to achieve full opacity. I used Essence XXL Nail Thickener as Base Coat - now be aware, my dear readers, this Base Coat may cause shrinkage of your color polish - wrapping your tips prevents any disappointment. Essie Good to Go was my Top Coat.

Looking at my NOTD's of this week I am quite pleased with the variety of them. The one that blew my mind though was the Jade Diamond Scrarlet. Tell me - have you already tried any of them? 

You can order Enchanted Polish with Llarowe, Harlow & Co and Pshiiit Boutique. I just read a tweet by Katie from Harlow & Co that they expect a re-stock from Enchanted Polish sometime next week. I order my Nfu Oh Polishes with Pshiiit Boutique and my Contrary Polishes with Llarowe.

A note to my dear American readers: I remain shocked at the violence you had to experience this week. My thoughts and my heart reach out to all people who suffered from unspeakable loss caused by insane and random violence - it does not bear thinking....

I look forward to reading my comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. CP Anna Maria is gorgeous !! I know all the Jade Diamonds are quite pretty !!

    It breaks my heart still of what happened in CT. I have to stop watching the news !!!

    1. Hi Vicky - as always a big thank you to you xxx

  2. OMG so many pretty polishes!! And the Jade Diamonds!! So jeallous ;D

    1. LOL - same for me with your stash - and THANK YOU :-)))

  3. Hi sis!!! Sooo happy you liked your Jade "babies"!! This red one suits your skin so well! Amazing this Belgrave Place too!!! :) Beijos

    1. Hi sis - oh I absolutely do!!! I wish I would have at least six pairs of hands to be able to wear as many of your beauties as possible - LOL!!! Belgrave Place is also a big favorite of mine - Küsschen