Sunday, 14 October 2012

My NOTD's of the week

There are those weeks where my job overtakes my life completely - this was one of them. During such times I prefer more neutral manis that don't leave any marks on documents that I have to handle or give away small signs of wear such as tip-wear.

None of these showed whether chipping nor - much to my astonishment - tip wear.

The first part of the week I wore Opi Berlin There Done That from their Germany Collection:

I used 2 effortless coats of Opi Berlin There Done That over Essie Fill the Gap, finished off with Butter London Hardwear Topcoat. I wore this mani for three straight days and had no tip wear, chipping or dents!!!! B.t.w. this Berliner's lifespan ended with this photo ;-) !!!

Next up Misa Frozen in Time from their Wanderlust Collection. I have become a true fan of Misa polishes. They are a dream to apply, dry fast and wear particularly well on me. Frozen in Time is a purple leaning Periwinkle (?) blue with soft lilac shimmer. The picture taken below was taken in artificial light.

And then, on the very first day, I damaged the mani badly while fighting some stubborn cables at my desk - you should still see the dent in my middle finger. That was actually a proper bald spot!!! I managed to push and squeeze the polish to fill the bald spot and slapped on another layer of topcoat - and here you go:

This is 3 thin coats of Misa Frozen in Time over China Glaze Ridge Filler. I assure you 2 coats are enough to reach opacity but it was late, I was exhausted and wanted to prevent the shock of discover some bald spots the next day. I topped it with Essie Good to Go.

I bought the Opi at our local Douglas store. I purchased Misa Frozen in Time with Transdesign.

I was very happy with my selection of polishes for this week. I felt corporate with a tad edginess that brightened my days!! What do you choose if your mani needs to blend in and has to last for days? Have you chosen any of the Opi's Germany Collection or Misa's Wanderlust? I look forward to reading about your experiences in your comments!!

Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Hi Christine! I´ve told you on IG that you made me crave this Misa! Super gorgeous! And the OPI, you´re right, is classy and safe for those busy times! In Brazil last week we had a "hot as hell" weather, so I went with D&G Fire and Deborah Lippmann On the Beach. Now I´m wearing CG DV8, gorgeous! Beijos