Monday, 8 October 2012

Lime Crime Milky Ways

One of my ongoing quests is finding the perfect milky white polish to wear on its own as well as for layering purposes. There are a couple of hurdles to overcome: I have badly ridged nails, I am an amateur nail painter, I have a pinkish pale skin tone.

When Harlow & Co announced the launch of Lime Crime polishes I felt it's about time to join the bandwagon and order me some of those pretty pastels. Lime Crime Milky Ways was the colour I was the most curious about, so here we go:

The first pictures shows 2 coats of Milky Ways over 1 coat of Essie Fill the Gap. See those ridges and patches? "Nicht gut". Still I add a picture of it to show you "before and after":

And here comes the "after" - 2 coats of Essie Fill the Gap, 2 coats of Lime Crime Milky Ways

See the difference? The 2 coats of Base Coat helped to create the much needed smooth surface to make application easy. The polish dries to a silky shine and when worn on its own I would add a shiny top coat.

And last but not least I amped up this mani by adding 1 coat of China Glaze Techno:

I ordered my Lime Crime polishes through Harlow & Co. This is a Canadian e-shop site that offers an awesome range of polishes. Currently most of Lime Crime polishes are still in stock and Harlow & Co offers free shipping on any order over USD 50.00!!!

I love the delicate finish of the sparse holo glitter. What do you think? Do you use white polish? Which one is your favourite? Looking forward to reading your comments!!

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  1. "Nicht gut" hahaha - Ich habe geliebt!!! White polish is a safe choice for me, only that, not really my thing (I think because of the years and years I only wore white!) This one looks amazing on you, thanks for the two coats of base tip!! Beijos