Saturday, 6 October 2012

Allez les Bleus - a comparison

Let's get this out of the way first: blue is the most prominent colour in my stash!! This inevitably leads to owning some polishes that require hardcore arguments to justify owning all of them - or being a true blue-addict like me. Today I compare a couple of brights, none of them to be considered a wallflower:

From left to right:
China Glaze Ride the Waves
Yves St Laurent Bleu Majorelle
Nails Inc Baker Street
Illamasqua Force
Deborah Lippmann I know what Boys like

I applied them as follows:

Pinkie: Deborah Lippmann I know what Boys like: the thinnest of the bunch and as you can see in the picture (if you look hard ;-)) the darkest. While the formula is thin, application was easy and not runny at all. I used 3 coats in this picture to achieve opacity.

Ring finger: Illamasqua Force. Also a dusty blue that leans purple compared to the "clean" blues on my middle and index finger. Formula is very creamy and fast drying. This is 2 Coats.

Middle finger: the famous Nails Inc Baker Street. It is the clearest and most vibrant blue of the bunch. 2 easy coats. Kiko 336 looks to be a close enough dupe at a reasonable price for Nails Inc Baker Street but I do not own that (yet).  

Index: the incredible Yves Saint Laurent Bleu Majorelle. While a tad darker than Baker Street and a tiny bit less vibrant though as saturated it looks like Baker Street's sophisticated sister. This is 2 coats. What is not to love with this polish? I cannot stop staring at this blue. AND it is not limited edition and will therefore be around for a long time.... I hope!!!

Thumb: China Glaze Ride the Waves. OK I added this for good measure but to be honest I am not happy with this purchase. Formula is weird - thick but not very pigmented. It is not self levelling and takes its own sweet time to dry. This is 4 coats - oh my this felt like glue on my nail in the end. What a pity, because by looking at the picture I really like the colour......

I guess you know by now which cult colour is missing in my stash: it is Rescue Beauty Lounge IBK012 (you will be missed forever!!!). I was too slow when the Fan Collection became available - sigh - polish regret forever......

Am I missing any in this bunch? What are you're favoured vibrant blues? I look forward to reading your ideas and suggestions in the comments!!!

Thanks for reading

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  1. Hi sis!!!! This is, without doubt, the most amazing polish colour to me, I LOVE blue (you know)! I think I need Nails Inc Baker Street. An Bleu Majorelle... sigh.... it´s a precious baby in my stash!!! Beijos