Friday, 1 August 2014

Stamp Camp featuring Frenz Nails Flus 10

I am always on the hunt for good stamping polish. Pshiiit Boutique has a vast range of Frenz Nails polishes and their metallic shades are perfect for stamping. Frenz Nails also has a crelly line with some really beautiful summer shades that I wanted to try. Flus 10 is a highly saturated and vivid coral that leans quite red which I prefer over the pink leaning corals. Feeling more confident with my stamping now, I had an idea for using this crelly for stamping - let's have a look:

Pinkie: two coats of Black Cat Lacquer Poison Ivy from Llarowe's A Box Indied for May
Ring: two coats of Opi Vampire is my Buff stamped with Frenz Nails Flus 10 using MoYou SciFi Collection Plate No 
Middle and thumb: two coats of Frenz Nails Flus 10
Index: two coats Opi Vampire is my Buff stamped with Rica Black Stamping Polish using MoYou Sailor Collection Plate No

Frenz Nails Flus 10 has a nearly neonic quality, no? The formula is excellent to apply, unfortunately it takes ages (in polish terms) to dry and even when sealing it with fast drying Top Coat the polish remains sensitive to dents for more than one hour. But let's look at some more pictures - shall we?

And here the cast from left: Black Cat Lacquer Poison Ivy, Frenz Nails Flus 10, Opi Vampire Is My Buff

And last but not least Frenz Nails Flus 10 as full mani:

Final thoughts: I loved the Skittelette and I am feeling quite happy with how the stamping using a crelly turned out! As for Frenz Nails Flus 10 I am afraid I have to put this as fail down into my books. Of course the color is gorgeous and the formula is excellent. But that dry time is a no-go for me. I rather put up with a slightly more challenging formula that dries quick than having to wait forever to do the most simple stuff. So I probably will rather stick with their metallic polishes.

I ordered Frenz Nails Flus 10 with Pshiiit Boutiqe.

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Christine <3


  1. Beautiful skittlette hon! Frenz Nails is definitely a polish I'll try to get my hands on! It looks so beautiful!

    1. Awww thank you Ina <3 <3 <3! Having seen the pinks and aquas of Frenz Nails I am sure you will find plenty to indulge in ;-)

  2. This looks really good! I like it! And the stamping is cool. It's something I've never really got into. I got a cheap set and tried it - it seemed okay! I do like seeing stamping on others though :-)

    That's a shame about the drying time for the Frenz Nails, I hate when that happens! It's very pretty though :-)

    1. Thank you Ananka!!! You got a cheap set that worked - WHOAAAA! Big envy here - I got a cheap set here and frankly, it was so crappy, it went straight to the bin after the first try! I love to see it on others too and frankly, I have no idea why I am so hooked to it, I cannot seem to get enough of it and I ask myself nearly with every mani what stamping would look nice over it - haha - have a lovely weekend xxx