Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Crows Toes Your boy is a P-I-G Pig from Llarowe's A Box Indied of August

How are you today my dear lacqueristas? I am still on the quest to show all of the polishes that came with August's A Box Indied by Llarowe. Today I show you the one polish I actually tried out first: Crows Toes Your boy is a  P-I-G Pig. At first glance this is really not the kind of polish you would expect to come from Crows Toes - an incredibly soft pink jelly filled with iridescent glass flecks and white flakies. But what looks like an innocent soft pink in the bottle grows to full blown edginess once on the nail. Crows Toes Your boy is a P-I-G Pig has that shimmer that throws an iridescent blue cast in the sun that is so vibrant that it left me gaping in wondrousness at my nails (sorry there was no sun near or far when I took the polish worn on its own):

I applied three coats on its own over my regular Base Coat. The formula and consistency are outstanding. Already the first coat flows onto the nails even and smooth though very VEEEERY sheer. Coat numbers two and three did build up nicely though this guy will stay sheer no matter the amount of coats you slap on your nails. But Your boy is a P-I-G Pig is not about becoming opaque it is about getting those glassflecks and flakies all room there is to play in the light. It dries quick and smooth to a rather shiny surface. I finished the mani with one coat of Glisten&Glow HK Girl. I also tried what it looks like mattified but this little guy is loosing its spruce once matte. The iridescence cast by the glassflecks get lost and this is the extra that makes Your boy is a P-I-G Pig so outstanding.

Now all of those of you who read my blog on a regular basis will know that this is one of the least shades in the polish universe I gravitate to so no surprise that I had to actually do something with it.

I was chatting with my dear Blogger friend Jezzica from Little Miss Nailpolish (there is no-one like her with whom I can brainstorm nail designs besides her being the most wonderful friend you can imagine) and we were tossing ideas to and fro about what to do with Crows Toes Your boy is a P-I-G Pig. She brought up the idea to stamp it with something totally opposite the princessy look like skulls. To make the story short, I was on a mission going through my MoYou Stamping Plates trying to find a skull image and one of those right-before-you-fall-asleep inspiration to sponge NfuOh Mor 03 on my tips to add some color:

in this picture you can see some of the shimmer on my ring and middle finger

The look was pretty simple and uneventful to get onto the nails: first I plastered a layer of Opi Glitter Off along my nails to simplify clean-up, sponged on NfuOh 419 lavishly onto my nails and stamped them using MoYou Artist Collection Plate 14 using the third image from right and the one at the far left in the lower row for the stamping.

Again I was hesitant to mattify the mani considering the iridescent shimmer and just have a look - IRL it lost the "je ne said quoi" (the little something) that made the whole look so special - the shimmer and the flakies were really only visible in the picture below.

I subscribe to the monthly release of Llarowe's A Box Indied.

WOWZERS you made it through this whole arm length of a post! Thank you for staying through this whole story - I look forward to reading your comments!!!
Christine <3


  1. Yay I actually got a minute to read and comment!! And wow have you ever become the stamping pro to envy! This looks amazing!! Your images are so clear.

    1. Hello my dear, dear Melissa!!!! I feel so honored that you spent those precious minutes over at my blog and thank you so much!!! Haha I was practising like a mad hatter like stamping each and every mani before taking it off! I hope you are doing well and am so happy to see you every so often on FB - becoming friends with you there was one of the best ideas xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you love - something silly: did you read out love P-I-G Pig loud? I just did and couldn't stop giggling - it sounds so funny and no I had nothing but coffee yet :-D xxx

  3. The colour is really lovely and so sheer! It's good to see what these colours look like one their own! :-)

    Oh wow I love that stamping - what an awesome looking - I do like it glossy :-D

    1. Thank you Ananka - glossy was so much better for this one - I habe to admit while those sheer polishes are not really my cup of tea this has a thrill and a twist to it that I quite like - have a wonderful day xxx