Monday, 7 July 2014

#supergorgeous Blog challenge on Instagram, Day 7 Inspiration

Once more todays theme of the #supergorgeous challenge on Instagram allows me to show-off nails. Inspiration is a wide field and with the amount of news and information we have available today I think most of us suffer from a certain overload of input. Of course I could list many, many Blogs, people, books, movies here that are inspirational for me but there is one lady that has influenced me greatly from my very early days as nailista to the day and I still loyally read her Blog daily and visit her gallery every so often to drool over her beautiful Skittelettes, yes I speak of the one and only Marta from ChitChatNails. I am sure this comes as no news to many of you. Marta's impeccable style, always dead-on sense of colors and skillful nail art remain inspiration and motivation for me to try new nail stuff and Skittelettes are still my favorite form of manicure. So here is my contribution to Day 7 Inspiration based on Marta's Skittelettes:

Pinkie, index and thumb: two coats of Picture Polish Badass
Ring: two coats of Picture Polish Beige stamped with MoYou Pro Plate XL 14
Middle: two coats of Picture Polish Love

 From left: Rica Stamping Polish in black, Picture Polish Beige, Love and Badass

And then I felt like giving the mani a tweak and replaced Picture Polish Love on my middle with two coats of Mentality Polish Sunny and stamped it also with MoYou Pro Plate XL 14:

I hope you forgive the somewhat sloppy stamping of my middle finger but it was close to midnight when I did this and while I was compelled to get the Skittelette changed I hurried unnecessarily (as if a couple of more minutes would break the deal) but I am sure you get the concept.

Final thoughts today are for Marta: thank you so much for your continuous presence in the nail polish universe and for never relenting in producing one after the other unique and beautiful mani. You have influenced me in the past and continue to do so to the day with your posts!!!

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!
Christine <3


  1. Badass looks so good! In fact Love is a very nice red as well :-)

    1. Thank you dear Ananka!!! I have to admit, I am pretty hooked to these two and try to find ways to incorporate it into Skittelettes every so often ;-)