Sunday, 13 July 2014

Let's talk Skittelettes

There are a couple of reasons I love doing Skittelettes: it is a very creative way of composing a mani if you are no nail art wizard. It also helps overcoming polish-longing during my no-buy period (I did have a glitch in this though the other week and ordered some but am back to no-buy). And it is a perfect way to cover the fact that I am still a stamping rookie. Mostly I have a particular design or technique in my mind I want to give a try and then add the framing colors.

So the other day I had an inspiration to create a Skittelette reminiscent of some sixties-seventies colors and patterns:

Pinkie: three coats of Butter London Jaffa
Ring and middle: two coats of Essie Don't Sweater It stamped with Sailor Collection Plate 03 using Rica Stamping Polish in White
Index and thumb: two coats of A England Camelot

Another thing I like about Skittelettes: exchange the colors among themselves and you get a completely different look:

Pinkie: two coats of A England Camelot
Ring and index: two coats of Butter London Jaffa again stamped with the same pattern from the Sailor Collection Plate 03
Middle and thumb: two coats of Essie Don't Sweater It

The polishes I used:

Final thoughts: isn't it amazing how simple a total change of look can be achieved with shuffling colors?

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!
Christine <3


  1. Hi pet! I love your skittlettes and this one is no exception! And wow what a difference it makes when you just change the positions of the patterns! Never thought of that!! I totally get the 60's vibe for this look! And I don't think you are a stamping rookie anymore… time to step out of the closet…! ;) lol! Viele Küsschen and a long cuddle for Nell!! xxx

    1. Thank you doll!!! And OK I dip my nails as of now in the Advanced 1 stamping "class" ;-)! Thanks to your helpful tips of course!! I only say vintage roses - amazing how the whole mani changed by something as simple as inverting the pattern!!! Have a wonderful start into the new week, Nell sends his purrs and viele Küsschen von mir xxx

  2. Hi Christine! Both of these are really cute, but yes, they do give off different feelings with the small changes in colors. :) You're right about skittelettes being perfect for trying out new nail art. It's so much easier doing it on a few fingers than all 10 hehe. I love the stamp pattern you used this time. It makes me think of waves, especially if paired with a white/blue color combo. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you dear Yun!!! I see you are a "connaisseur" of Skittelettes!! It is just so much fun to do all this throwing together of polishes and finishes and on top of all I have to admit, that I am not necessarily inclined to go through sometimes quite patience requiring fiddeldy-diddeldy if I would do nailart on all 10 nails! And of course you are right that stamping image calls for a nautical theme.... My brain is already humming :-) xxx

  3. A glitch :) :) :) Yes, I suffered one of those yesterday morning, as one of my fave indies relaunched withsome gorgeous summer cremes. I mean, sometimes you just have to and it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission... okay, that's not entirely true. lol. I love the color and stamping combo and it does have a vintage look to it-- you have such good intuition when it comes to these things! It reminds me very much of Megan Draper (Mad Men, if you're unfamiliar; I can't recall if you know the show or not).

  4. Thank you sis xxx!!! I just love to compose those Skittelettes!! So glad I am not the only one who "slipped" on the no-buy floor - ahhhh cannot wait to see what you got yourself. I do know the show Mad Men but sort of missed to jump on board and then followed it way too rarely to really get into it - on to google then ;-) - have a wondeful day xxx

  5. This is nice and I do like that BL red!

    Oh no!!! Can I join in too! I bought loads of polishes yesterday.

    I'm on a shower gel ban too and bought 3 last week. My husband was like "Put them back!!" He wasn't too impressed with me! He doesn't mind me buying polish though!

    1. Thank you Ananka xoxo!!! I am working on that no buy hard - it feels as if I miss tons of awesome stuff :-S oh well - there will be awesome stuff in autumn too ;-)!!! Shower Gels??? Hmmm sounds promising - maybe I have to divert my attention from polish - LOL!!! On the other habd I am usually totally OCD about a particular gel and use it ad nauseum - tight now it is one by Claudalie... And Jaffa is such a particular shade it is neither orange nor coral nor red - it shifts in that range depending on your skin tone and the lighting