Thursday, 3 July 2014

Colors by Llarowe Alternate Universe

Shopping some of Colors by Llarowe polishes from the Summer Collection was one of my last splurges before boarding my no-buy month (that is with the exception of Llarowe A Box Indied to which I subscribed). Back when I ordered those bottles, I had no idea, that I was going on no-buy - a rather spontaneous decision after looking exasperated at my untrieds - and I clicked rather carelessly on the one or the other "add to cart". One of those rather sloppily added polishes is Alternate Universe - a bright turquoise / blue foil that I would classify as metallic even. But let's have a look:

doesn't it look insane in the sun???

I applied three thin coats of Colors by Llarowe Alternate Unvierse over my regular Base Coat. The formula is wonderful to work with - thin and not overly pigmented but smooth and easy to build, fantastic to control and quick drying. Given all those characteristics, I don't mind adding a third coat to my mani - I only get renitent when I have to fiddle with patchy, thickish polish from coat one to three. I finally started my bottle of KBShimmer Clearly on Top Top Coat and so far love it. It is thin, quick drying and leaves a wonderful high shine.

Final thoughts: this is an eye-searing bright foil that in my eyes turned into a first class metallic in the sun minus the brushstrokes ;-)

I ordered Colors by Llarowe Alternate Universe with Llarowe.

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Christine <3


  1. Simply stunning! I love everything about it! The finish and the colour WOW! :-D

    1. Thank you Ananka xxx!!! Indeed I was in danger to ran in every other lamp pole when outdoors - LOL

  2. Lovely polish! (and honestly, I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one buying polishes just to "fill the cart"...)

    1. Thank you - and we do have to shop economically if we got to pay those shipping fees and get the most out of them, no ;-P <3