Monday, 23 June 2014

NCLA + Pshiiit Drop of Teal

I am really proud to state, that as of late, I became really disciplined in my nail polish buys. That being said, I still get totally exited every so often over new releases and getting my hands on the collaboration shades from NCLA and Pshiiit were no-brainers.

First up Drop of Teal, a light, close to turquoise leaning and slightly muted shade of teal with a dense rather scattered than linear holo effect. In the sun, the holo sparkles and twinkles vibrantly, in the shade Drop of Teal has even a slight grey tinge that looks elegant and classy.

 outdoors in the shade:

I applied two coats of NCLA Drop of Teal over my regular Base Coat. The formula is sheer upon the first coat but perfectly opaque after the second coat. The consistency is thin though not runny and painting the nails is a sheer pleasure. Dry time is fast. The pictures show Drop of Teal with no Top Coat.

Final thoughts: NCLA Drop of Teal is a gorgeous, classy number of teal and while teal certainly is not dropping to your mind first when thinking classic, I definitely consider Drop of Teal a perfect example of a year-round shade, that I certainly could wear to the office any day.

I ordered NCLA Drop of Teal (of course) with Pshiiit Boutique.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Haha that makes two of us! I've become really restrained with my buying too! It's very hard but having a lack of funds helps though!

    What a pretty holo - it does dazzle in the sunshine :-)

    1. Thank you sweetie!!! Yes, limited funds are the best to control order-frenzy. But then I also enjoy the fewer bottler more because I get to wear them sooner and then there is still that bulk of untrieds glaring at me accusingly.... ;-P

  2. It looks so beautiful! A lovely holo that looks gorgeous on you Christine!