Monday, 9 June 2014

Cult Nails Ms Conduct at Stamp Camp

Oh man, we are sweltering away here in Switzerland - it is the first super hot weekend 35 % Celsius and I am melting away. I am not one to cope well with those temperatures, the first time of the year even less then after I sort of got used to.

OK whining aside, I have another mani I created at Stamp Camp. I am practicing whenever I got the time and the mood. Last week I showed a Skittelette using colors my dear IG pal @_sven_ja_ chose for me. One of the polishes I used was Cult Nails Ms Conduct a dark nearly black brown. The lovely thing about Ms Conduct's shade of brown: it is straight forward brown, not too much yellow, red or green, just an Espresso colored dark beauty. From the moment I did the aforementioned Skittelette, I had the idea to do an "ethnic" stamping using MoYou Explorer Plate 05 representing Australia.

Without further ado here is the result:

I started with two coats of Cult Nails Ms Conduct, sealed it with Glisten&Glow HK Girl and stamped all nails except my middle finger and my thumb with various parts of MoYou Explorer Plate 05 using Essence white stamping polish.

This is MoYou Explorer Plate 05 - Screen Shot from MoYou's own website link here.

A couple of observations by a stamping rookie:

  • I do different pictures for my nails because I do not yet manage identical stamps on all my nails
  • The less delicate the stamp the easier the transfer. I still find intricate patterns hard to transfer evenly on the nail
  • Abstract patterns without a geometry requiring an exact placing on the nail are a lot easier for me to tackle 
  • In between stamping the various nails I "clean" my stamper with Scotch Tape - it peels off the polish perfectly from the stamper and leaves a clean surface. Also after picking up the picture from the plate I erase the unwanted parts of the picture with Scotch Tape from the stamper
I ordered Cult Nails Ms Conduct with Cult Nails own website during the pre-sale and MoYou Explorer Plate 05 with MoYou's own website (link embedded above).

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


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    1. Beaming over here - thank you Ina!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Nice stamping!

    Wow lucky you. It's cold and raining in Scotland! We had one sunny day last Friday and it was 22C. One day, that might just be our summer! Scotland is known for its rubbish weather lol!

    1. Eeeeks poor Ananka - but I don't like this heat too much, it is stiffling in the city and I am feeling low in energy - I don't like that at all - hahaha, as if anyone would ask ;-P. Yes, I am aware of the Scottish weather caprioles :-( - I love to read Ann Cleeves btw and her story never take place in nice weather - LOL!