Thursday, 3 April 2014

Picture Polish Altered State

On to round three of my Picture Polish LE shade review. Today I have Altered State for you. It is a much less color shifting multi chrome than the previous two Aurora and Illusionist. Altered State has a blurple base that shifts from blue to purple to plum and at totally weird angles you can even detect brown.

I wanted to layer it over purple - an easy task if you consider that I could do already more than one purple themed week. But oh no, it was not at all a simple stroll through my stash. One was too dusty, the other too dark, the third too I don't know what but wrong. Then I remembered Picture Polish Violet Femme. It has all the bits and pieces I was looking for: saturated purple but not too dark to look black. And it is a jelly. I hoped for some jelliness to peak through - let's see (picture spam alert!!!!)

indoors in daylight

outdoors in overcast weather

in artificial light

 under water

I applied two coats of Picture Polish Altered State over two coats of Picture Polish Violet Femme. The formula and the consistency of Altered State is the same as Aurora or Illusionist: sheer and thin but not runny. It spread perfectly even over the base color and dried quickly. I sealed the mani with Glisten&Glow HK Girl.

Final thoughts: Altered State has an incredible glowing effect when worn over a saturated purple though the color shift is less apparent as in Illusionist I found. While I really, really liked the result, the thing with jellies is that I usually have to apply three coats to get an even opacity - or jelly-opacity. At two coats I was still left with some paler spots and since Altered State is not very pigmented it doesn't really cover up those baldies. But they were not overly visible unless I shone a spotlight right on that flaw. I have to admit, I felt quite smug to get so many compliments on this mani today. And of course repeated exclamations that this hasn't been seen before. But then Switzerland is only discovering the craziness of the nail polish galaxy and multi chromes certainly belong to less known areas of outer space still!

I ordered Picture Polish Altered State directly with Picture Polish website.

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  1. I've just ordered a bottle of this for some days ago! Ok, so I'll try to layer mine over a purple jelly too :D It looks stunning this way!

    1. Thank you Ina xxx - I hope to see your version soon :-)