Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Earth Day mani: Above the Curve We Are The World

Today is Earth Day - unfortunately I am a total nail art clutz and I had to come up with something different. So here I have a new to this Blog Indie Brand AND a specially for Earth Day created polish.

Above the Curve was introduced to me through Pointless Cafe. I started collecting them a while back but I ashamedly have to admit, they haven't made it to this Blog. Mainly because most of them are holos and there was simply hardly ever a holo-worthy weekend (my swatching time) here. Or if there was, I was in the middle of the one or the other themed week (good excuse, eh?). Imagine, how exited I am now to introduce Above The Curve for Earth Day - and a specially for the occasion created polish at that. For once I copy paste the description and the background of this polish as published on the Bigcartel site of Above the Curve:

We Are The World was created for Earth Day. $2.00 of every bottle sold will be donated to The Sierra Club Foundation.
We Are The World is a blue jelly with different shade of blue and green hexes and circles, and iridescent fine, small and medium hexes. I was inspired my our earth!
"We have not inherited the Earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children." Lester R. Brown Worldwatch Institute President
The blue reminds me of my traditional Birthday polish: Yves Saint Laurent Bleu Majorelle. A very bright and vibrant blue though not as cold as a cobalt blue but warmer.


I applied two coats of We Are The World over Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat. The formula is more a crelly than a jelly - not runny and more pigmented than what I normally expect of a jelly (just perfect for my taste). The consistency was wonderful and allowed a controlled and quick application. The first coat went on sheer but even (consider me awed) and the second layer provided this wonderful, deep blue intensity with the glitter glinting and glowing in this vibrant base. I didn't need to fish for glitters or had to fight glitter clans on the nails. Dry time was fast and the surface of my nails smooth.

Side note: IRL the glitter was not appearing to sink this much into the base but was more visible!
Final thoughts: What a win in my stash! Above the Curve We Are The World indeed gives a vision of our beautiful planet seen from space with some glinting and sparkling islands in the sea of deep, intense blue.  I have worn already a couple of Above the Curve polishes as NOTD and was amazed by each and everyone of them.
I ordered Above the Curve We Are The World with their own Bigcartel shop here.
I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. What a beauty! But then, you alread knew I'd love it, didn't you? ;-)

    1. Well let's say I HOPED you would like it ;-)! Happy that you love it <3 - thanks hon!

  2. It really does look amazing! I love blues like this!

    1. Thank you Ina xxx!!! It indeed is an amazing blue