Saturday, 1 February 2014

Valmy Primavera and Penelope Luz Pink World

If you read my Blog regularly you might have seen my post on Valmy Zafiro. My dear friend Daisy brought me some Venezuelan polishes from her recent vacation and I admittedly feel a tad smug to be able to show off such exotic beauties here (imagine a little smirk ;-)). Today I have Valmy Primavera for you - a perfect pistachio green jelly:

I applied three coats of Valmy Primavera over Essence Hardening Nail Base. Primavera is not only a jelly, it is a thin and sheer jelly. So I had to be careful with the application to get even, thin coats on and to not flood my nails in pistachio sauce. But mind you, I would not consider this anything unusual with a jelly and look at how opaque it became at three coats - and so squishy and glossy, just yummie!!! Dry time was not super fast, but nothing out of the ordinary. I did wrap my tips to prevent a sheer tip line.

One of my weaknesses is unexpected combination of colors, be it clothes, be it nail polish. Only exception is my face - I prefer to go with a nude/natural look and have started to buy nude palettes left and right and no, I have not been able to get my hands on the much coveted Urban Decay palettes. I have to do with Bobbie Brown, Nyx and - my luxe version Chanel and Dior cream polishes. But we go astray here, let's move back to nail polish and the utterly adorable Penelope Luz Pink World that I got from my sister in polish from Brazil. A clear base glitter filled with bar and hex glitter in magenta and purple with holo twinkles. I dabbed/painted on one coat of Pink World over Valmy Primavera:

I couldn't resist posting two pictures of the same sort here - do you see the different glitter sparking up? A-mazing!!!!!

Pink World was wonderful to dab and paint on. The glitter is dense and flows easily from the brush onto the nail. Pri, you got me here such a wonderful, happy little number - I am right now envisioning it over a cream white jelly, over a light grey or pink or lilac - the options are sheer endless - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Penélope Luz can be ordered with Color4nails and MeiMei Signatures.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. What a cute mani! I love this green and the glitter goes perfectly with it. Great pairing!

    1. Oh thank you so much!!! I think this color combination is so fresh and spring like :-)

  2. Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh I LOOOOOVE this color! Any polish that resembles jadeite just looks so cool to me. Pistachio is just gorgeous on you, sis, and while I like it better solo, the Luz topper does look super cute over it. I've always been a fan of unexpected color combinations, too, stuff that "goes" but does not necessarily "match". And of course I'm in total agreement about makeup vs. clothing-- I've been living in my Naked1 lately and I'm soooo lemming Naked 3. That's my idea of playing with color, branching out into rosy nudes as opposed to bronze and taupe, lol. What, by the way, was the name of that NYX palette you just got?

    1. Thankyouthankyouthankyou ❤️!!!! The green is spectacular, I totally agree and IRL the Pink World looked so much nicer with it - I see that the pink gave the green a yellow tint in my pictures which wasn't there if no lense is shoved between the eye and the nail - LOL! Awww I would love to get No 3 - I still wait to here from my friend in Paris, I think it is sold out there. I got the big Butt Naked Palette from Nyx AND because it was Sales and I had a voucher I got the Fierce Palette too, so I saved money, right? Sales AND voucher, how could I resist??? xxx