Saturday, 4 January 2014

Pahlish Graphite

For Christmas Eve I had Pahlish Pyrite on my nails. Pyrite has a silver toned sibling named Graphite. This number is a clear base filled with dark silver leaning snippets of foil leaning to antique gold at certain angles. The Heavy Metal version of the three released glitter foils certainly can be worn on its own but I wanted to get that Heavy Metal feel and applied it over A England Camelot.

the above pictures are taken indoors in day and artificial light, the below photos are outside in the shade

I applied one coat of Pahlish Graphite over two coats of A England Camelot. The consistency of Graphite is really nice and spreading nice and even on the nail, not too thin, not too thick. What caused some challenges for me were some bigger tinsel like snippets that would bring the painting to a halt and a mad dash to find my nail polish tweezers to peel them off my brush. On the bright side: those snippets were so sturdy that peeling them out of the fine haired brush was really no big deal. Else Pahlish Graphite could be applied easy and even to the nails. One coat provided the above density and while the individual foil particles are clearly visible they unify in overall shine. Of course dry time was super fast and the surface absolutely smooth as I came to be used to with my Pahlish polishes.

Final thoughts: I love that Heavy Metal feel of this combination - I want to throw on my leather jacket and my stud boots. I have to try it on its own though soon, I imagine the bling will call for sunglasses ;-)!

I ordered Pahlish Graphite with their own Bigcartel Shop here.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for stopping by :-)


  1. This looked truly great, definitely something for me. I love the look of the little foil glitter pieces and great to hear that it covered so great. Hate when glitter is too sparse and one has to use too many coats on top of a base color and everything gets thick. Love to see this in other combinations too. :D

    1. Hi Gelic - I am happy you like it - ahhh I could imagine it over grey or over blurple? Cream white? I think there are endless options. And yes, I hate it too if the glitter is sparse and fishing it out is a sheer endless task ;-) <3

  2. This combo looks amazing. It really does look like some kind of mineral. And I can totally see you in sunglasses, a leather jacket, and uh...go-go boots?? :P

    1. Hahaha Go-Go Boots - you didn't know that I just LOVE boots and walk the planet in either high boots or booties year in and out. Well the fact that I don't think my feet grace my beauty might play a role here ;-)! Mmmmh I am ready for some sunny spring weather to bring out those sunglasses, leather jacket and some hot frocks ;-) - thank you Melissa xxx