Friday, 3 January 2014

Elevation Polish These Boots Were...

This is while not a recent release by Elevation Polish one that kept my eye glued to its pictures and upon each of my orders with Elevatin Polish, I had my finger hovering over the "add to cart" button. So  yes, it took its own sweet while to arrive in my stash but I am so glad I finally convinced myself into getting These Boots Were…. The name doesn't remind me of hiking the Alps but whenever I read the name I am reminded of an Episode of Two and a half Men when Everlyne stayed over at Charlies after she got dumped by her lover for a younger lady and sang "These Boots Are Made For Walking" ;-P. But let's sing now the praise for this polish. These Boots Were… is a sheer raspberry jelly base filled with blue shimmer and pink flakies.

The above pictures are taken indoors in day and artificial light, the below photo outside in the shade

and yes, I tried an under water picture too ;-)

I applied three thin coats of Elevation Polish These Boots Were… over Essence Hardening Nail Base. Let me tell you, that formula got me swooning. I could have continued painting and painting and painting, it was such a pleasure to watch These Boots Were…. glide onto the nail. It applies sheer though even at the first coat. If you apply a medium thick second coat you might get away at that but I rather preferred some thin second and third coats (maybe to enjoy the painting some time longer ;-P). Now to the unfortunate down side: while it dried quickly to the touch, I managed to once more get a serious dent on the nail of my index finger of my Cinderella hand after more than one hour after applying Glisten&Glow HK Girl Top Coat. I was relieved though to find the polish so soft, that I managed to push and shove the polish pack into position and another layer of Top Coat covered my clumsiness perfectly. Now I wonder, is it due to whatever I seem to be doing shortly after painting nails or a peculiarity of These Boots Were…? I would guess my first assumption is correct - too much fiddling and poking with my nails right after painting. Admittedly, I have the nasty habit of using my nails as tools. But don't follow that last bit of admission - my nails are rock solid and I never had a broken nail to the day.

Final thoughts: To finish the name of the polish I would suggest it should read These Boots Were…. made to be worn on our nails!!! Thank you Lulu to have created yet another graceful, elegant beauty! And just the right polish to start the march through 2014 :-)

I ordered Elevation Polish These Boots Were… with their Bigcartel shop here.

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  1. Okay, even if this does bring to mind the image of Nancy Sinatra in go-go boots, this polish is really beautiful! I love pinks with blue shimmers, which if you think about it, is terribly impractical...but it's OH so pretty! <3

    1. Thank you Melissa, LOL for the unpracticability - but trust me, in real life they just play nicely next to each other and results in a surprisingly versatile polish that is mature (read demure) enough to look neat with so many colors (I think wardrobe here of course). Now let me head back to Google trying to find some photos of Nancy Sinatra in said boots….

  2. This is gorgeous. I love when red/pink colors have blue/purple shimmer! As usual an awesome review!

    1. Thank you Gelic <3! I am not surprised you approve of this polish ;-) and oh WOW - I am so touched that you like my reviews - xxx (puss, puss - I learnt this from Jezz ;-P)